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‘It’s absolutely enormous’: Uefa’s Conference League gets thumbs-up from smaller clubs

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It would be understandable if Premier League fans thought Uefa’s latest wheeze was intended as just another way for Tottenham to embarrass themselves. But football does not revolve entirely around the big clubs, at le...

Raheem Sterling and Jorginho decisions were right, insists Uefa’s referee chief

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The head of referees at Euro 2020 has defended Danny Makkelie for awarding Raheem Sterling a penalty in England’s semi-final and Bjorn Kuipers’ decision not to send off Italy’s Jorginho for a challenge on Jack Grealis...

Uefa’s Women’s Champions League revamp includes cash boost and VAR

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The Women’s Champions League will provide a €24m (£20.8m) cash boost to women’s teams across Europe as part of the competition’s revamp for next season, which will also see VAR introduced. Uefa has also agreed that 23...