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I migliori podcast della settimana: A modern take on Pride and Prejudice from Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson

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I Was Never ThereWidely available, episodes weekly from 9 JunMarsha Ferber made an impression on most people she met – and many have an opinion on what happened when she disappeared in 1988. In this eight-parter, moth...

‘It’s taken all of me’: Australian surfer Tyler Wright wins at Bells Beach

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Two-time world champion Tyler Wright has made it third time lucky at Bells Beach after busting through the pain barrier to finally win the iconic World Surf League event. Wright lost the Bells Beach final to Carissa M...

French Braid by Anne Tyler review – rifts and reunions in Robin’s nest

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Questo, blessedly, is now Anne Tyler’s fourth novel since she suggested that 2015’s A Spool of Blue Thread was going to be her last. We might fairly think that some of the things she has said in recent interviews aren’t...