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Twitter trials ‘soft block’ feature to let users remove followers

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Twitter is trialling a feature that allows users to shrug off unwanted followers without officially blocking them. It provides a less stark alternative to hitting the “block” button – a move that is often publicised a...

Twitter trials anti-troll tool that automatically blocks abusive users

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Twitter is trialling an anti-troll feature that will automatically block accounts sending abuse to users. Once Twitter’s new “safety mode” is activated by a user, it will temporarily block accounts for seven days if t...

Twitter users banned after racist abuse of England players still posting online

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Twitter users banned after the torrent of racist abuse directed at England’s footballers are still posting on the platform, het die voog verneem. Fifty-six persistently abusive Twitter users had their accounts per...

Student proves Twitter algorithm ‘bias’ toward lighter, slimmer, younger faces

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Twitter’s image cropping algorithm prefers younger, slimmer faces with lighter skin, an investigation into algorithmic bias at the company has found. The finding, while embarrassing for the company, which had previous...

For one glorious moment, we believed Cormac McCarthy’s faked Twitter account

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Why must we always spoil things? If I’d typed that next to a little blue bird, somebody might have replied “Evergreen tweet” or even *gestures at all this*, but as so often, it is Twitter itself that has been the engi...

A moment that changed me: I realised I had become a masochist – and quit Twitter

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In Maart 2009, I type in “” and sign up for the next 12 years of my life. I am 20, in my first year of uni. I have three friends and hate it here. Maar, on Twitter, I can talk to real music journalists, my l...

Twitter admits it verified fake account of author Cormac McCarthy

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Cormac McCarthy is known for his sparse punctuation and distinctive writing style, the violent and pessimistic themes of his work, and his reclusive public persona. So it was surprising to see the novelist on Twitter,...

Conor Murray: ‘South Africa’s Twitter gameplan is a funny, weird subplot

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It is the snakes-and-ladders element of every British & Irish Lions tour that is so endlessly fascinating. For Conor Murray the highs and lows have been unusually stark, from being named tour captain to Covid isol...

‘Please explain what OG means’: delight as Fiji politician discovers Twitter

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A leading opposition MP from Fiji is delighting new social media followers with his wide-eyed discovery of Twitter, even as the country is experiencing heightened political tensions. Pio Tikoduadua, who is the preside...

Twitter suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene’s account over Covid misinformation

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The Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter account was temporarily suspended on Monday over tweets that violated the social media company’s Covid-19 misinformation policy. Greene posted that the cor...

Love Island is nothing without Twitter – especially during this tedious series

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Although the weather suggests otherwise, summer has officially started, signalled by Love Island’s EDM banger of a theme tune blaring from TVs across Britain six nights a week at 9pm. Disappointingly, wel, this ser...

Spanje se verregse Vox-party onder skoot weens bedekte Twitter-bedreiging teen redakteur

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Verslaggewers sonder grense (RSF) het die verregse Spaanse party, Vox, gekritiseer omdat hy voorgestel het dat die hoof van 'n redaksionele groep wat 'n satiriese tydskrif publiseer wat gereeld die partytjie hou..

How the Twitter tide of plastic lost at sea has come to define our age

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Social media was made for projects like Tracey Williams’s #LegoLostatSea, which anecdotally charts the plastic that has been dumped in the ocean in the past 70 jare. Williams began her mission after becoming obsessed...

Nigerian government threatens to rein in press after Twitter ban

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Media organisations in Nigeria have expressed alarm as the government prepares to follow its controversial ban on Twitter with wider regulations reining in the press and social media companies. A new amendment propose...

Eat a banana! Get off Twitter! How to be more productive at work

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Getting stuff done is hard. Getting stuff done while there is a pandemic rumbling on is almost impossible. Even for work-from-home lifers who haven’t had to make an adjustment to their professional environment, it can...

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