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Earwig review – twisty body-horror noir threatens to bite

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A fog of menace descends on this hauntingly photographed, oppressive and driftingly directionless movie from Lucile Hadzihalilovic. It has the intensively curated atmosphere of body-horror noir – if not the convention...

Leopards review – prowling, twisty thriller about sex and power

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A vengeful female lead in a tight bright dress stalks an older but powerful man late at night. There’s a whiff of Killing Eve to Alys Metcalf’s smart thriller, which energetically explores ideas around sex and consent...

‘It was just such a maze’: the twisty story behind Enemies of the State

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“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” Oscar Wilde’s arch observation raises the curtain on Sonia Kennebeck’s new documentary film Enemies of the State, exec-produced by Errol Morris. Winston Churchill’s summary...

TV vanaand: twisty Michael Sheen crime drama Prodigal Son returns

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A bearded, pensive Michael Sheen reprises his role as imprisoned serial killer Dr Martin Whitly, who is enlisted to help his criminal profiler son Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne) crack murder cases, in the second season o...