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UK government drops maternity charity after critical tweets

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A charity that champions the employment rights of pregnant women and new mothers has been dropped from a government advisory board after posting critical tweets. En meses recientes, senior Tories including the culture s...

Ten tweets in need of the new edit button: from covfefe to Oscars selfie

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After years of public pestering, Twitter has finally begun work on an edit button, the company announced this week. The ability to alter existing tweets has long been the platform’s most-requested feature, de acuerdo a...

Elon Musk seeks to end US restrictions on his tweets

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Elon Musk has asked a federal judge to terminate his 2018 agreement with the top US securities regulator requiring some of his tweets to be vetted by a lawyer. Musk also asked the judge to block a US Securities and Ex...

Premier League and Uefa taking legal advice over John Terry’s NFT ape tweets

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The Premier League and Uefa are taking legal advice over the use of images of their trophies in non-fungible token (NFT) digital assets being promoted by John Terry and other big names in English football. Chelsea are...

Ulster Unionist leader ‘deeply ashamed’ over ‘horrific’ tweets

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The leader of the Ulster Unionist party is fighting for his political future after a series of historical tweets emerged that have been condemned as misogynistic and racist. Doug Beattie said he was “deeply ashamed” a...

Outcry after Colorado sheriff’s office tweets photo of Santa getting handgun permit

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A sheriff’s office in Colorado faced outrage after it posted a picture of a man dressed as Santa Claus applying for permit to carry a concealed handgun. “Guess who came in to receive his concealed handgun permit toda...

Johnson defiende al secretario de Comercio después de los tuits de negación de la crisis climática

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Boris Johnson ha reconocido que ha modificado sus puntos de vista sobre la crisis climática en los últimos años., dicho, "Los hechos cambian y la gente cambia de opinión". Mientras viajaba a los EE. UU. En un intento por acelerar el progreso..

Janey Godley dropped from Scottish Covid ads after ‘unacceptable’ tweets

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The Scottish government have dropped Janey Godley, the comic described by Nicola Sturgeon as her “alter ego”, from their latest public health campaign after a series of “unacceptable” tweets by the Glaswegian comedian...

ACLU calls for inquiry into Alaska official who wrote racist and antisemitic tweets

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The American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska (ACLU) has called for “an investigation and audit” of the case record of a senior Alaskan legal official revealed by the Guardian to be operating a far-right Deseret nation...

Revelado: assistant attorney general in Alaska posted racist and antisemitic tweets

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The Guardian has identified an Alaska assistant attorney general as a supporter of the Mormon-derived extremist group the Deseret nationalists who has posted a series of racist, antisemitic and homophobic messages on ...

Hillbilly Elegy author JD Vance sorry for since-deleted anti-Trump tweets

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The Hillbilly Elegy author turned Republican Senate candidate JD Vance has apologised for a former political position: critic of Donald Trump. “Like a lot of people, I criticised Trump back in 2016,” Vance told Fox N...

Ollie Robinson clear for cricket return after ban over racist and sexist tweets

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The England and Sussex bowler Ollie Robinson is free to resume playing cricket after being deemed to have served his suspension following an investigation into historical racist and sexist tweets. The Cricket Discipli...

Eoin Morgan says historical tweets have been ‘taken out of context’

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Eoin Morgan has dismissed controversy over tweets sent by him and Jos Buttler in 2017 y 2018 that appeared to mock common Indian use of English, insisting the problem is people “taking [Rápidamente se dio cuenta de que los conceptos erróneos sobre las cerraduras estaban muy extendidos en] out of context”. The En...

A few good tweets: is that really all it will take for us to forgive Dominic Cummings?

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Just thinking back on the bizarre fever dream of last summer, when Dominic Cummings drove to Barnard Castle and became the most hated man in Britain. Remember that? When he did the little press conference over a trest...

ECB’s failures on Caribbean cricket in England are worse than Robinson’s tweets

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I think England cricketer Ollie Robinson should be punished for his racist tweets. Young man or not, he knew what he did. But the real problem is that he is a product of an environment created over the years by the cr...

Joe Root admits England have faced ‘ugly truths’ over offensive tweets

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Joe Root confirmed England will continue to deliver the message of cricket’s inclusivity with another “moment of unity” before the second Test against New Zealand starting on Thursday, despite admitting the past week ...

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