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Trevor Noah on Nicki Minaj’s vaccine tweet: ‘This has turned into a real problem’

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On Thursday evening, Trevor Noah delved into one of the most pressing and widely discussed mysteries of our time: the case of rapper Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s swollen testicles. To recap a swiftly unfolding sag...

Zola review – pulp-factual viral tweet becomes an icily slick urban thriller

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En 2015, a part-time dancer from Detroit called Aziah “Zola” Wells went viral with a cheeky Twitter thread purporting to tell the pulp-factual tale of her recent, crazily dangerous road trip to Florida with someone ca...

Covid en vivo: UK health secretary apologises over ‘cower’ tweet; policing minister sorry over border delays

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Últimas actualizaciones: Sajid Javid sorry for ‘poor choice of words’ after criticism from victims’ families; Kit Malthouse has apologised for delays at the borders

The problem with Zola: can a viral tweet thread become a vital movie?

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En octubre 2015, A’Ziah “Zola” Wells King, then a nineteen-year-old black woman living in Detroit, tweeted four selfies with a blonde white woman and an invitation: “Y’all wanna hear a story about why me & this bi...

Twitter deletes Nigerian president’s ‘abusive’ Biafra tweet

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Twitter has deleted a tweet by Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari in which he threatened to punish pro-Biafra groups blamed for escalating attacks on government and security authorities. The social media firm said B...

Jimmy Kimmel: GOP ‘cranked the fake outrage knob up to 11’ over Kamala Harris tweet

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Ahead of the holiday weekend, Kamala Harris “took some unfriendly fire from some of those who do not enjoy her work”, said Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday, the only host to air following the Memorial Day weekend. Republicans...

Conservative MP condemned for ‘racist’ tweet about Israel protests

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Tory MP Michael Fabricant has been criticised for describing pro-Palestinian demonstrators clashing with police as “primitives”. Anti-racism campaign Hope Not Hate called for the Conservative party to suspend the back...

Labour suspends Unite leadership nominee over ‘Patel should be deported’ tweet

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Labour has suspended a leadership candidate for the Unite trade union from the party after he called for the home secretary, Priti Patel, to be deported on Twitter. Howard Beckett, the union’s assistant general secret...

‘We no longer fear the tweet’: Biden brings US back to world stage in first 100 dias

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The most striking aspect of Joe Biden’s first 100 days in foreign policy is the change of style. With his emphasis on consultation with allies and partners, he is presenting himself on the world stage as the anti-Trum...

Just say no: negativity is secret of political tweet success, hallazgos del estudio

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You’ve treated your Twitter followers to a pithy 280-character comment about the government’s latest gaffe – but what gives your tweet the fuel to spread like wildfire? It’s how negative the tweet is, say researchers,...

US military account’s gibberish tweet prompts viral mystery

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The perils of working from home while managing the social media account of a major military power have been thrown into sharp relief after the US Strategic Command tweeted a confusing string of gibberish. Thirteen mys...

Angela Rayner defends Labour’s Hartlepool candidate over old sexist tweet

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Angela Rayner has insisted that Labour has the “best candidate” to fight the crucial Hartlepool byelection in May, after a senior figure suggested he should be replaced because of a sexist tweet he made in 2011. Paul ...