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Dugongs and sea turtles at risk after Queensland floods wipe out seagrass, study shows

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Catastrophic floods earlier this year wiped out one of the largest and most important seagrass meadows in eastern Australia, increasing the risk that dugongs and sea turtles will become stranded, according to research...

Nests vs jobs: will a new port spell doom for DRC’s olive ridley turtles?

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The sun is peeping over the horizon when eco-guard Christian Ndombe tips a bowl containing hundreds of baby turtles on to the beach where the Democratic Republic of the Congo meets the Atlantic surf. The newborns, chi...

‘We take turns peering into a plastic bucket. Inside is a batch of freshly hatched turtles’

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We’re standing on sand dunes at the end of a hot December day. The light’s fading fast and a thin crescent moon is rising in the clear sky. It’s still really hot; hot enough to dip in the ocean. But nobody does – not ...

The six ‘superdogs’ who save turtles: ‘It’s all powered by love’

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Margie remains completely still. Around her in the sun-dappled woods, six dogs catch her scent and begin to circle. She pulls her head and legs inside her shell and hinges it shut, tight as a trap, but the dogs are cl...

Martial arts masters to pizza-guzzling turtles: the best ninjas in pop culture

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The shrouded history of ninjas dates back to feudal Japan but these martial arts masters became an unavoidable pop culture craze in the 1980s. Il 1982 GI Joe action figure line included breakout character Snake Eyes,...

Blasphemy, violence and live turtles: 10 plays that shocked the world

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Sensationally vulgar, this musical take on the TV host was taken to court for blasphemy. Featuring tap-dancing members of the Ku Klux Klan and Jesus dressed as a baby, it was designed to distress. “For all its shock a...