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Ralf Rangnick’s arrival is a response to Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea revolution

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Ed Woodward always gets his man. Or at least, Ed Woodward always gets a man. Give Manchester United’s chief executive his due. People definitely keep turning up. There is probably some kind of method in the decision t...

Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea forwards must match threat of wing-backs

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Thomas Tuchel wants us to think differently. The statistic shows that half Chelsea’s 26 goals in the Premier League and Champions League have come from defenders this season, but Tuchel has an alternative way of viewi...

Thomas Tuchel’s faith in Kai Havertz helps Chelsea believe the hype

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The last of the daylight retreated over the back of the stand and tiptoed over the banks of the Douro River. It was shortly after 8.30pm in Porto, and the fun and frolics of the first half hour were over. As dusk fell...

Tuchel’s Chelsea and Pochettino’s PSG make Champions League progress – Football Weekly

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Max Rushden word saam met Barry Glendenning, Philippe Auclair and Lars Sivertsen to discuss the Champions League quarter-final second-legs as Chelsea take on Porto and PSG face Bayern Munich ...

Thomas Tuchel’s transformation of Chelsea rooted in rejigged defence

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Every thunderous challenge from Reece James drew a roar of approval from Thomas Tuchel and his assistants. Chelsea were in control against Everton, 2-0 up and cruising, and they were not about to lose focus at the bac...