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Buckingham Palace shudders at prospect of more of Prince Harry’s truth

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Queen Victoria did it, as did a couple of her granddaughters. And her great-grandson, the Duke of Windsor, famously did so 15 years after his abdication. Entonces, the Duke of Sussex follows a well-trodden royal path with n...

Telling truth in UK sport system ‘a very dangerous thing to do’, says Pond

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Telling hard truths about British sport in the post London 2012 era, during which British Cycling was feted as a model organisation and athletes hailed as superheroes, became “a very dangerous thing to do”, según ...

It’s Trump’s time to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

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Donald Trump’s bad luck continues. On Thursday afternoon, Arthur Engoron, a Manhattan judge, gave the thumbs up to subpoenas issued to Trump, favorite child Ivanka, and Donald Trump Jr, by Tish James, New York’s attor...

Truth, profits and the purpose of journalism

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Integrity is in short supply in many newsrooms, argues Michael Newman, while Eddie O’Brien says journalists must do more to reflect opposing views in their reports Clive Myrie nails down much of what is eating away at...

Donald Trump to launch social media platform called Truth Social

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Donald Trump has announced plans to launch a social media platform called TRUTH Social that will rolled be out early next year. The former president, who was banned from Facebook and Twitter earlier this year, says h...

What is journalism for? La respuesta corta: verdad

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Who, qué, dónde, when and why? Five questions that are at the heart of our trade. Answer those questions in relation to any news story, and we’re doing our jobs as journalists. They underpin everything we do, what we...

Two Colombian warlords to face off in truth commission hearing

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Two of Colombia’s most notorious warlords will appear together before a truth commission on Thursday, in the latest move to shed light on crimes committed during decades of bloody civil war. Rodrigo Londoño, better kn...

Rick Santorum afirma que fue "salvaje por decir la verdad" después del despido de CNN

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El exsenador republicano Rick Santorum ha afirmado que fue "salvajemente atacado por decir la verdad" después de comentarios sobre los nativos americanos que lo llevaron a ser despedido como colaborador de CNN.. Su anfitrión el lunes por la noche, Sean Hannity, pregunta ...

Extra Life: A Short History of Living Longer review – the gobsmacking truth about vaccines

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En 1900, the average global life expectancy was 32. Hoy dia, a tiny blink of historical time later, it’s twice that. In a developed country, you will most likely live to see your grandchildren and can hope not unreasona...

‘Why did I need to know who my father was?": one woman’s battle for her biological truth

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As a young girl Lauren Burns told a friend that if they climbed high enough and jumped, they’d be able to fly. When their experiment failed, her friend protested that it didn’t work. “It didn’t work … this time,” Burn...

What do new parents like me really need? The unvarnished truth about babies

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My wife gave birth to our first child, a beautiful baby girl, a few weeks ago. It’s all been a bit of a milk-scented blur, but the whirlwind of early parenthood has also helped me realise my true purpose in life: beco...

Descongelando la edad de hielo: la verdad sobre el pasado profundo de la humanidad

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En algunas formas, Los relatos de los "orígenes humanos" desempeñan un papel similar para nosotros hoy en día como lo hizo el mito para los antiguos griegos o polinesios.. Esto no es para arrojar dudas sobre el rigor científico o el valor de estos relatos.. Es simple..

The ugly truth: beauty’s not just skin deep – gorgeous people may be healthier too

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Nombre: Gorgeous people. Envejecer: Considerable. Certainly of greater longevity than poor saps like you who’ve been battered by the ugly stick and, seamos sinceros, will probably die sooner than hotties like me. Apariencia: R...

‘Our breasts don’t really belong to us’: the sad truth about how society treats women’s bodies

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What is your first memory of breasts? Your mother’s? Her smell, her warmth, the feeling of unfathomable safety emanating from her soft skin? Or was it the huge, tanned, bouncing boobs of a blond woman, speaking in Swe...

The ugly truth about Tory Islamophobia: forget the assurances, it will happen again

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The past few weeks have been a time of discovery for the Conservative party and its supporters. Some Tories as senior as the prime minister himself learned that work events they attended may have, De hecho, been boozy ...

Revisión de Yorkshire Midwives on Call: ¿será la televisión lo suficientemente valiente como para decir la terrible verdad sobre el parto??

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Parteras de Yorkshire de guardia (BBC dos) es absolutamente encantador. Es un documental sobre, y puede que se me adelante aquí, parteras. (específicamente el equipo que apoya los partos en el hogar) en yorkshire (específicamente en y alrededor ...

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