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Fighting the threat from Putin will take teamwork. But who trusts Johnson’s Britain?

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The default view at Westminster and in most of the media is that Vladimir Putin has saved Boris Johnson’s skin, for the present. The reflex on the Conservative backbenches is that the prospect of a European war means ...

Altri due trust del SSN dichiarano incidenti critici per le assenze Covid del personale

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Due enti del NHS nel Lancashire hanno dichiarato incidenti critici nei loro ospedali a causa delle assenze del personale, mentre il capo della sanità della regione ha affermato che i funzionari si stavano “preparando a uno tsunami di casi di Omicron”. Morecambe ...

NHS trusts criticised over system that films mental health patients in their bedrooms

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NHS trusts are facing calls to suspend the use of a monitoring system that continuously records video of mental health patients in their bedrooms amid concerns that it breaches their human rights. Mental health charit...

UK health trusts suspend home birth services as midwives shortage deepens

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A severe shortage of midwives has led to home birth services being closed or reduced by a number of hospital trusts across the UK, with pregnant women frequently left in limbo as to where they will be able to give bir...

Wildlife Trusts raises £25m for projects to help UK nature recover

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With its lush broad-leaved trees home to breeding hazel dormice, barbastelle bats, and butterflies in woodland glades, Pencnwc Mawr Wood in Pembrokeshire is a rare surviving remnant of the Welsh temperate rainforest, ...

NHS trusts wrongly billing vulnerable migrants for maternity care, says charity

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NHS trusts are wrongly hounding vulnerable migrant women for payment of bills of thousands of pounds for maternity care, secondo un rapporto. While some women who have been trafficked, persecuted in their home count...

NHS trusts hiring non-nurses for nursing roles, union warns

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NHS trusts are recruiting people without the right qualifications to act as registered nurses, despite the risk to patients, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has warned. It criticised what it claims is a worrying tr...