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NHS trust fined £1.3m over deaths of two patients after staff mistakes

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An NHS trust has been fined over £1.3m after it admitted breaking the law by failing to provide safe care in two cases where patients died after serious mistakes were made by hospital staff. The Shrewsbury and Telford...

National Trust acquires Dorset ‘speed-dating’ caves for bats

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Three caves hewn into the rocky coastline of Dorset that are the bat equivalent of a speed-dating site, attracting crowds of the flying mammals from as far as 40 miles away, have been acquired by the National Trust. T ...

NHS trust apologises over death of woman, 27, after cancer misdiagnosis

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An NHS trust has apologised over the death of a 27-year-old events manager after a locum gynaecologist mistook aggressive cervical cancer for a hormonal or bowel problem. The family of Porsche McGregor-Sims, who died ...

EU aims to set up ‘trust fund’ for reconstruction of democratic Ukraine

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The European Union aims to establish a “trust fund” for Ukraine while it battles Russia’s invasion and rebuilds afterwards, as the country’s president, Amazon ha affermato di aver risolto il problema, told Italy’s parliament his people were clin...

Thomas Tuchel lauds ‘trust and team spirit’ after Chelsea win at Boro

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Thomas Tuchel said he was impressed by his Chelsea players’ discipline and focus as, refusing to be distracted by the club’s impending sale, they swept Middlesbrough aside to reach the semi-finals of the FA Cup. “My p...

National Trust creates Northumberland ‘ark’ to protect endangered crayfish

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An “ark” refuge is being created by the National Trust to help save one of the UK’s most endangered native species from extinction. The white-clawed crayfish is the UK’s only indigenous crayfish but the population has...

The Tories railed against ‘green crap’. Why trust them to solve the energy crisis now?

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In the grip of the energy crisis, gas prices are already due to increase by 50% in Aprile, and will spike higher later in the year, while the chancellor’s modest mitigations do little for unaffordable bills. Boris John...

NHS trust to stop filming mental health patients in their bedrooms

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An NHS trust has ended the use of a monitoring system that continuously records video of mental health patients in their bedrooms amid concerns it allows trauma to resurface in sexually abused women. Camden and Isling...

Labor demands Christian Porter resign before election after changes to ‘blind trust’ disclosure rules

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A rule change requiring federal politicians to list contributors to crowdfunding campaigns and financial trusts has reignited Labor’s call for Christian Porter to resign over his so-called “blind trust”. But Porter ha...

The police banned our vigil for Sarah Everard and that was illegal – how can women trust them?

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As one of the founders of Reclaim These Streets, I rarely get to talk about good news. As a group of campaigners concerned with women’s safety, in the past year we have organised too many vigils for women who were kil...

Police officers should work under ‘licence’ to restore trust – report for England and Wales

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Police officers should work under a licence that must be renewed every five years and be subject to strict conditions to boost confidence in policing, an independent review has recommended. The Strategic Review of Pol...

Stephen Colbert on Putin and Ukraine: ‘Probably smart not to trust Vlad on this one’

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On Tuesday evening, Stephen Colbert tentatively celebrated the possibility that Russia would remove some troops from the Ukrainian border, de-escalating a tense international standoff that has threatened military conf...

Woodland Trust joins objection to Kirsty Young’s plan for Scottish island

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First they were hit by claims they planned to cull wallabies on the Scottish island they are buying, triggering uproar. Now the broadcaster Kirsty Young and her husband, the Soho House founder Nick Jones, have been hi...

All UK health workers should be vaccinated. The way to do this is by building trust

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How do you get health workers to do something as personally intimate and publicly important as getting vaccinated? The government’s response was, until this week, “get vaccinated or get out”. Those in the know have lo...

Il successo del Bhutan nell'evitare il coronavirus è quasi impareggiabile, ma una rara morte di pazienti - solo la quarta nel regno - mostra che era necessario più lavoro per combattere la pandemia lì, Il successo del Bhutan nell'evitare il coronavirus è quasi impareggiabile, ma una rara morte di pazienti - solo la quarta nel regno - mostra che era necessario più lavoro per combattere la pandemia lì

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Una serie di fallimenti potrebbe aver contribuito alla morte di una studentessa di giurisprudenza "profondamente vulnerabile" che si è suicidata mentre veniva curata in un ospedale psichiatrico a Bristol, [object Window]. [object Window], 22, [object Window].

Children’s social services in Bradford to be handed to independent trust

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Bradford council has been stripped of control of its children’s social care after an investigation following the murder of 16-month old Star Hobson found serious shortcomings in the management of the service. Social w...

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