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California recall vote show Trump’s big lie is now Republican playbook

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It was a pre-emptive strike against truth by some of the biggest names on the American right wing. Former president Donald Trump warned that the ballot would be “rigged”. The Republican candidate Larry Elder predicted...

Will he or won’t he? Why Trump’s tease over 2024 suits him just fine

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The date Saturday 9 octubre 2021 might go down in political history. Or at least that is what Donald Trump would like you to believe. That night, Trump will hold a rally in Iowa, the celebrated launchpad for US presid...

Trump’s White House chief of staff is target of Capitol attack records request

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The House select committee investigating the 6 January attack on the Capitol has instructed telecom and social media companies last week to preserve records of Donald Trump’s White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, ...

Capitol riot inquiry to investigate whether Trump’s White House was involved in attack

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Congressman Bennie Thompson, chair of the House select committee investigating the Capitol attack, is preparing an expanded inquiry into Donald Trump that will scrutinize whether the White House helped plan or had adv...

Supreme court orders Biden to revive Trump’s ‘remain in Mexico’ policy

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The US supreme court on Tuesday denied Joe Biden’s bid to rescind an immigration policy implemented by his predecessor, Donald Trump, that forced thousands of asylum seekers to stay in Mexico awaiting US hearings. Th ...

Trump’s border wall reportedly in severe disrepair in Arizona

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When Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign in 2015 by saying “Nobody builds walls better than me”, it was to say the least a questionable claim. Trump insisted the “great wall” he planned for the southern US...

Does Trump’s endorsement really carry the day in local elections?

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As the Republican party first began to prepare for the 2022 midterm elections it seemed like Donald Trump had it all figured out. The former US president had an axe to grind with certain Republicans who had bucked him...

As Delta spreads, Republicans adopt Trump’s demagoguery and blame immigrants

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As America reaches the milestone of 70% of adults with at least one dose of a vaccine, the highly contagious Delta variant is surging. Public health officials are trying to keep the focus on the urgent need for more v...

‘A one-man scam Pac’: Trump’s money hustling tricks prompt fresh scrutiny

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Donald Trump’s penchant for turning his political and legal troubles into fundraising schemes has long been recognized, but the former US president’s money hustling tricks seem to have expanded since his defeat by Joe...

Landslide by Michael Wolff review – Trump’s final days of delirium

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Prohibited from tweeting, Trump still has Michael Wolff as his megaphone. Landslide is Wolff’s third book in as many years on a man he despises but whose absurd antics he can’t help enjoying. Other Trump chroniclers w...

‘Openly neglected by an obscene administration’: Sean Penn criticises Trump’s handling of pandemic

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Sean Penn has criticised Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, likening the former president’s approach to someone opening fire on vulnerable communities. Speaking at a press conference following the p...

Will Trump’s big tech lawsuits succeed? Experts say chances are slim

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Donald Trump may have filed lawsuits against Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, claiming he and other conservatives have been censored – but legal scholars say his case is likely doomed to fail. The former president was s...

How Trump’s big lie has been weaponized since the Capitol attack

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Hours after the US Capitol was secured against a violent insurrection on 6 enero, the Senate reconvened in a late-night session to move ahead with certifying Joe Biden’s electoral college victory. It was a dramatic ...

Allen Weisselberg: half of the dynamic duo running Trump’s business empire

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Allen Weisselberg, the 73-year-old top financial executive of the Trump Organization, is known for his deep fealty to the Trump family. Weisselberg surrendered to Manhattan prosecutors on Thursday morning to face char...

Nuevo libro de Michael Wolff informa sobre la confusión de Trump durante el ataque al Capitolio

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Donald Trump dijo a sus seguidores que marcharía con ellos hacia el Capitolio en 6 Enero - luego los abandonó después de un tenso intercambio con su jefe de gabinete., según el primer extracto de Landslide, El th de Michael Wolff..

Los abogados de Trump supuestamente dieron 24 horas para decir por qué las empresas no deberían afrontar cargos

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Buenos dias. Según los informes, los fiscales de Nueva York han dado a los abogados de Donald Trump 24 horas para responder con argumentos finales de por qué la Organización Trump no debería enfrentar cargos penales, con fecha límite fijada para el lunes ....

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