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Dubai ruler’s divorce settlement reveals ‘truly opulent’ standard of living

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The potentially record-breaking settlement in the divorce between the ruler of Dubai and his ex-wife Princess Haya provided an insight into what the judge called the “truly opulent and unprecedented standard of living...

For truly ethical AI, its research must be independent from big tech

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A year ago I found out, from one of my direct reports, that I had apparently resigned. I had just been fired from Google in one of the most disrespectful ways I could imagine. Thanks to organizing done by former and c...

From bees to bins: how a London hotel aims to become truly net-zero

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We’ve all seen that sign in hotels where we are encouraged to reuse our towels for the sake of the planet. Often it’s just lip service. But what if that idea is taken a level upwards – to make your whole hotel sustain...

Ask yourself this before you vote: can anyone truly say the Tories have made Britain better?

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There is one question that counts when you cast your vote: have they made life better? Hierdie maand, the Conservatives will have been in office for 12 jare. Vandag, in the local elections, we have a chance to pass judgm...

The Time Traveler’s Wife review – far too much ick factor to be truly great

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Alan Bennett once defined a classic as a book everyone is assumed to have read and often thinks they have. For a modern bestseller, the formula needs rejigging only slightly – a book everyone feels they have read, vooraand ...

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