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UPS drivers record temperatures above 100F in trucks without air conditioning

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UPS delivery truck drivers have begun sharing pictures showing the sweltering temperatures recorded inside their vans as communities across the US continue to experience record-breaking temperatures. In a viral tweet ...

‘This really is the future’: HGV manufacturers race to decarbonise trucks

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“Just be careful where your back end is going,” says the instructor as this reporter nervously steers a 44-tonne articulated Volvo lorry on a roundabout. It is good advice at roundabouts, as in life. The trailer rolls...

TV esta noche: Billy Connolly, Keith Moon and trucks full of snakes

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The Big Yin looks back at his life and 50-year standup career in this new seven-parter, featuring unparalleled access to his home life in Florida. In tonight’s opener, he muses on bad behaviour (his own and others’),...

Trucks overturn and buildings collapse as extreme winds hit Turkey – video

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Four people, including a foreign national, were killed and at least 19 were injured in Istanbul on Monday as extreme winds battered Turkey's biggest city and its surrounding regions, the governor's office said. The wi...

Cabildeos de la industria contra 2040 Prohibición en el Reino Unido de nuevos camiones diésel

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La industria automotriz del Reino Unido está presionando en forma privada contra la propuesta 2040 introducción de una prohibición de venta de nuevos camiones diésel, en medio de una división entre los fabricantes sobre cuándo los vehículos pesados ​​deberían abandonar los fósiles..

Mexico police intercept 652 Central American migrants in three cargo trucks

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Police in northern Mexico have discovered more than 600 Central American migrants hiding in three long cargo trucks headed to the United States, in one of the biggest roundups of US-bound migrants by Mexican authoriti...

Three trucks packed with hundreds of migrants stopped in Mexico

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Three trailer trucks packed with hundreds of migrants have been found in Mexico in the latest sign that many would-be immigrants are ignoring calls from Joe Biden not to risk trying to enter the United States. Mexican...