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Hair Truck: Spanish pair’s mobile salon brings styling to cut-off communities

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When Natalia López travels to her parents’ village in northern Spain, she packs the essentials: scissors, combs and clippers. As the Zaragoza-based hairdresser strolls the streets of Huesa del Común, an isolated hamle...

Ten minste 20 killed in fuel truck explosion in Lebanon

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Ten minste 20 people were killed when a truck carrying fuel exploded in Lebanon’s northern region of Akkar, the Red Cross said on Sunday. The cause of the explosion was not immediately clear. “Our teams have transporte...

'Sy kry 'n koswa': Mensah-Stock om Olimpiese prysgeld aan haar ma te bestee

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Tamyra Mensah-Stock het Dinsdag die tweede Amerikaanse vrou geword wat 'n stoei-goue medalje gewen het met 'n oorwinning in die kategorie vryslag van 68 kg.. Dit lyk asof die heersende wêreldkampioen 'n beenbesering opgedoen het 40 sekondes in ...

NSW boy, 15, killed after being hit by truck while helping car crash victims in Orange

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A teenage boy has died and three others are in hospital after two cars collided and were then hit by a truck in central west New South Wales on Friday evening. The 15-year-old was a passenger in a Toyota utility that ...

The death truck: how a solution to Mexico’s morgue crisis created a new horror – podcast

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How did a lorry carrying 273 dead bodies end up stranded on the outskirts of Guadalajara? By Matthew Bremner How to listen to podcasts: alles wat u moet weet ...

Thousands march in support of Muslim family killed in Canada truck attack – video

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Thousands of people have marched in Canada in support of a Muslim family run over and killed by a man driving a pickup truck. Police have described the incident last Sunday as a premeditated attack motivated by Islamo...

Five thoroughbred horses die in truck crash in NSW upper Hunter

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Five thoroughbred horses have died in a truck crash in the New South Wales Hunter region. It is understood the broodmares were recently purchased by a large racehorse stud at a major national auction. Two men also su...

Daughter of jailed truck driver Mohinder Singh told him he would kill someone if he drove, hof gesê

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Mohinder Singh’s daughter told her sleep-deprived, drug-affected father he was going to kill someone if he got behind the wheel. Hours later, the long-time truck driver hit and killed four police officers on Melbourne...

Australia news live: five injured after truck ploughs into pedestrians in Melbourne; national cabinet to discuss India repatriation

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Scott Morrison is expected to announce the restart of Australian repatriation flights from India. Volg die nuutste opdaterings

An offal mess: Queensland road covered in innards after truck crash

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A truck carrying chicken guts has lost its load, temporarily transforming a Queensland highway into a pink, slippery and foul-smelling quagmire. The innards were left festooned on the back of the truck involved in the...

Taiwan train crash: truck driver charged with negligent homicide

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Prosecutors in Taiwan have charged a truck driver with negligent homicide over his role in the island’s worst rail disaster in decades, which left 49 dead and more than 200 injured. The crash on 2 April was caused by ...

Truck driver Mohinder Singh jailed for at least 18 years for killing four police in Melbourne crash

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Truck driver Mohinder Singh has been jailed for at least 18 years and six months for hitting and killing four police officers on Melbourne’s Eastern Freeway. Singh was short on sleep and high on drugs when he crashed ...

Taiwan train crash: truck driver expresses ‘deep remorseover disaster

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A maintenance worker whose runaway truck sparked Taiwan’s worst rail disaster in recent decades made a tearful apology on Sunday as investigators said the train driver had little time to react to the collision. At lea...

The death truck: how a solution to Mexico’s morgue crisis created a new horror

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On the southern outskirts of Guadalajara, early in the morning of 15 September 2018, a large container, the type normally attached to a lorry, sank into the soupy ground beside a rutted country road. The refrigerated ...

Truck driver faces families of police officers killed in Melbourne freeway crash

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Sharron MacKenzie’s life was reduced to an “ocean of tears and sleepless nights” after her husband was one of four Victoria Police officers killed by a drugged and delusional truck driver. Mohinder Singh, 48, has plea...

California crash leaves 13 people dead after truck and SUV collide

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Ten minste 13 people were killed in southern California on Tuesday when a tractor-trailer slammed into an SUV carrying 25 passasiers, officials said. The crash occurred in the early morning in the dusty farming communit...

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