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UK’s Troubles amnesty plan goes further than Pinochet’s, estudio dice

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The UK government’s plan to end all Troubles-era prosecutions in Northern Ireland would create an amnesty wider than the one Augusto Pinochet introduced to shield human rights violators in Chile, according to a study....

Firefights, foxhunts and flowers shows: a staggering new view of the Troubles

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When someone asks me what it was like growing up during the Troubles, I always find myself at a loss for an answer. Day-to-day life in Armagh was uneasy and anxious, but sometimes surreal and often repetitive. There w...

Chris Cuomo’s ethical troubles at CNN highlight rise of ‘info-tainment’

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The New York Post columnist Maureen Callahan put it succinctly: “One down. One to go.” After New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, finally agreed to step down this week over sexual harassment allegations, attention in Am...

Troubles ‘amnesty’: how much contempt does this government have for Northern Ireland?

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In the early hours of a summer morning in 1991 Tom Oliver, a 43-year-old father of seven children, left his home in the border county of Louth in the Republic of Ireland to attend to a calving cow in a field on his fa...

A shameful betrayal of victims of the Troubles

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My sister Maxine Hambleton was murdered in the Birmingham pub bombings in 1974. The decision by Boris Johnson’s government to introduce a statute of limitations on atrocities linked to the bizarrely named “Troubles” (...

British plans for a Troubles amnesty would breach international obligations

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Dealing with the legacy of the Troubles is not easy, but there are no shortcuts. En 2014, the UK and Irish governments and Northern Ireland parties came together and negotiated a comprehensive and balanced framework f...

UK plan for Troubles amnesty breaches international obligations – Irish minister

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Ireland’s foreign minister has warned that a British government plan to bring prosecutions for killings during the Troubles to an end would breach its international obligations. The proposals would also undoubtedly be...

Spacewatch: Nasa seeks a cure for Hubble’s troubles

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Nasa continues its efforts to diagnose the problems on the Hubble space telescope and return the veteran space mission to full operation. Science operations were suspended on 13 June when the computer responsible for ...

Troubles trials: why did they collapse, and what happens next?

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Why have prosecutors dropped Troubles-era murder charges against former soldiers who served in Northern Ireland? A technicality, and a whole lot of history, lie behind Friday’s decision to halt the prosecution of two ...

Trump legal troubles escalate after company charged with tax crimes – live

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Prosecution of soldiers over Northern Ireland Troubles deaths halted

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The prosecution of two former soldiers over three deaths during Northern Ireland’s troubled past have been halted. Soldier F was being prosecuted for the murder of two men, James Wray and William McKinney, shot during...

TV esta noche: half a century of reporting on the Troubles

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Peter Taylor has been reporting on Northern Ireland for half a century. In this fascinating film, he looks back on what must, at times, have felt like a depressingly endless tale of unresolved strife. Taylor has buil...

The Ballymurphy verdict shows the need to examine the unresolved killings of the Troubles

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On the first day of the Ballymurphy massacre in August 1971, I was at my family home in Riverdale, another housing estate in predominantly nationalist west Belfast. I watched a group of young men organising materials ...

Blair and Corbyn weigh in on Keir Starmer’s election troubles

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Keir Starmer is facing pressure from two former Labour leaders over how he transforms the party’s fortunes after its disappointing local election results. Tony Blair said Labour’s performance last week, in which it lo...

Collapse of murder trial may affect other Troubles British army prosecutions

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The prosecution of British army veterans accused of crimes during the Troubles in Northern Ireland hangs in the balance after the collapse of a murder trial of two former paratroopers. The region’s Public Prosecution ...

Former paratroopers deny murdering IRA chief during Troubles

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Two former paratroopers have denied murdering an Official IRA commander during the Troubles, in a closely watched trial in Northern Ireland. The two veterans, known as soldiers A and C, pleaded not guilty at Belfast c...

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