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Five Palestinians shot dead in gun battles with Israeli troops in West Bank

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Five Palestinians have been killed after gun battles erupted when Israeli troops conducted a series of raids against suspected Hamas militants across the occupied West Bank. The fighting on Sunday was the deadliest vi...

Troops drafted in to help out Scottish ambulance service

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Soldiers will be drafted in to drive Scottish ambulances, the head of the ambulance service has confirmed, after reports of a succession of harrowing cases where patients have endured lengthy waits. The Scottish ambul...

Indonesian troops may join training on Australian soil for the first time as defence ties deepen

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Indonesian troops could join training exercises on Australian soil for the first time, as part of a deepening of defence ties with Australia. While Indonesia has joined naval exercises with Australia in the past, its ...

Taliban inspect destroyed US planes after last US troops withdraw – video

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Taliban soldiers inspected damaged aircraft and equipment at Kabul airport after the last US troops withdrew from a shattered Afghanistan. US troops destroyed more than 70 aircraft and dozens of armoured vehicles befo...

Several troops killed in Kabul blast were just babies when US invaded

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Several of the 13 American military personnel killed in the suicide bombing at Kabul airport on Thursday were not even a year old when the US invaded Afghanistan in late 2001. US forces are withdrawing after nearly 2...

Taliban will take ‘different stance’ if US troops remain beyond 31 August – video

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A Taliban spokesperson has said in a press conference that the 31 August deadline for US evacuations from the country will remain, adding the Taliban are "not in favour" of allowing skilled Afghans to leave the countr...

Taliban says US troops staying beyond deadline ‘will provoke reaction’ – video

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Staying beyond the agreed deadline of 31 August would be 'extending occupation', Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen said on Monday, and this would 'provoke a reaction'.The comments were made after a firefight between...

Afghanistan live news: Taliban say deadline extension for foreign troops is ‘red line’

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Latest updates: Taliban spokesman says group will not agree to foreign troops staying longer than 31 August

UK to push Taliban to extend Kabul exit date for western troops

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The UK is preparing to appeal to the Taliban to extend the 31 August deadline for western forces to leave Kabul, while accepting it will not be able to airlift everyone eligible to leave Afghanistan. The armed forces ...

New Zealand to deploy troops to aid citizens’ evacuation from Afghanistan

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New Zealand is racing to get its remaining citizens out of Afghanistan, and will deploy troops to assist with their evacuation after the Taliban swept to power overnight. Prime minister Jacinda Ardern said on Monday t...

US troops start to arrive for Afghanistan evacuation as Taliban close in on Kabul

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US troops have begun arriving in Afghanistan to help evacuate thousands of people, including embassy staff, and Afghans and their families who worked for them as a sweeping Taliban offensive draws ever nearer to Kabul...

Army troops enforcing western Sydney lockdown will alienate community, advocates warn

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The deployment of troops to enforce Sydney’s lockdown could alienate the community and fuel vaccine hesitancy, particularly in the hard-hit western suburbs where many Indigenous Australians and migrants and refugees l...

As US troops leave Afghanistan, what will future policy look like?

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As the US nears completion of its military withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Pentagon is supposed to switch to “over-the-horizon” counter-terrorist operations in the country. But it is far from clear yet what those wil...

Mozambique: fears of escalating conflict as foreign troops clash with Islamists

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Foreign troops sent to reinforce local security forces in Mozambique have clashed with Islamist militants for the first time, as the conflict in the east African country moves into a new and potentially dangerous phas...

South Africa seeks to deploy 25,000 troops to curb unrest

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The South African government has sought to deploy about 25,000 troops to curb unrest, now in its sixth day, amid fears of food and fuel shortages as disruption to farming, manufacturing and oil refining begin to bite....

Troops deployed in South Africa amid violence ‘rarely seen in the history of our democracy’

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South African president Cyril Ramaphosa has said the deadly violence gripping the country is unprecedented post-apartheid as he deployed troops to help police crush the violence and looting prompted by the jailing of ...

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