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How latest update to England’s travel red list will affect planned trips

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The UK government has added six countries to the travel red list after the emergence of a new coronavirus variant. As of midday on Friday, Suid-Afrika, Botswana, Lesotho, Eswatini, Zimbabwe and Namibia are subject to...

Countdown to ecstasy: how music is being used in healing psychedelic trips

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Two hundred psychedelic enthusiasts have converged in Austin, Texas for a “ceremonial concert” on the autumn equinox. People sprawl on yoga mats around a circular stage as staffers pace the candlelit warehouse, jingli...

Insurers Direct Line and Churchill resume Covid cover for cancelled trips

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The insurers Direct Line and Churchill have resumed offering cancellation cover to travel customers forced to cancel a holiday due to Covid-19. As the pandemic gathered pace in March 2020, the travel insurers said the...

Fietsreise deur vroue in Engeland het gestyg 50% in 2020, studie bevind

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Die aantal fietstogte wat vroue in Engeland onderneem het, het met meer as gestyg 50% in 2020, amptelike statistieke getoon het, omdat die stiller afsluitingspaaie oënskynlik gehelp het om 'n demografie te lok wat bekend is dat hy meer versigtig is vir ....

Cornwall: 10 small group trips offering big outdoor adventures

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There’s a fierce debate going on in Cornwall at the moment about the benefits and drawbacks of tourism for the county. On one hand, many tourism businesses have been hit hard by the recent lockdowns, while on the othe...

10 great UK boat trips, chosen by readers

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The best boating experience we had was paddling an open Canadian canoe with friends across the lochs and canals that make up Scotland’s Great Glen Trail. We were amazed by the breathtaking scenery and much-appreciated...

Air VnV: sold-out flights start from Taiwan to Guam for ‘vacation and vaccination’ trips

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On Tuesday afternoon in Taipei about 170 mense, some dressed in hazmat suits and face shields, boarded a plane bound for the Pacific island of Guam. The sold-out flight was a package holiday with a Covid twist: dub...

UK school skiing trips to EU could be wiped out by Brexit visa rules

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School skiing trips that rely on British personnel to staff their EU winter camps could be wiped out by Brexit after it emerged they are facing the same obstacles as the music and theatre sectors. Just like rock bands...

Skooluitstappies vanaf die EU na die Verenigde Koninkryk kan halveer namate Brexit kulturele uitruilings tref

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Franse en Duitse organiseerders vir opvoedkundige reis bring soveel as 750,000 skoolleerlinge in die Verenigde Koninkryk het elke jaar gewaarsku dat strenger toelatingsvereistes na die Brexit waarskynlik die aantal jong Europeërs sal verminder..

England puts 12 destinations on Covid ‘green list’ for trips from 17 Mei

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Portugal and Israel are among a dozen countries which have been placed on England’s first ever “green list”, allowing people to go abroad from 17 May and return home without the need to quarantine. Announcing the firs...

Countries put on England Covid ‘green list’ with trips allowed from 17 Mei

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Trips abroad for people in England can begin again from 17 Mei, die vervoersekretaris, Grant Shapps, aangekondig het, with no need to quarantine for travellers returning from 12 countries and territories. The places o...

Covid plan for England: trips abroad could be permitted from May

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Hopes are rising for foreign holidays to be permitted from May, with the public given a “watchlist” of countries whose quarantine status is at risk of changing to help with planning and to avoid the chaos of last summ...