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‘A trippy tale of hallucinogens and human sacrifice’: Peru: A Journey in Time – review

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Like a llama chewing its cud, Peru begins placidly: there is a display of pots. You could be forgiven for feeling a bit underwhelmed. But this exhibition’s calm, steady pace and cool layout provide essential grounding...

Cryptozoo review – trippy animation about magical creatures packs a punch

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Utterly bizarre in the best possible way, this lovingly handmade animated feature by writer-director Dash Shaw (originally a comic book/graphic novelist) isn’t like anything you’ve seen before. Tensy, dit is, you’ve...

In the Earth review – Ben Wheatley’s trippy occult horror is a fine return to form

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Here is a low-budget, low-profile film that scampers through the undergrowth up to a horrible folk-horror epiphany, with undeadpan comedy and a gibbering shroom meltdown, percussively hammered home with strobe lightni...