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Bitcoin podría desencadenar un colapso financiero, advierte al diputado del Banco de Inglaterra

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Un alto responsable político del Banco de Inglaterra advirtió que las monedas digitales como bitcoin podrían desencadenar un colapso financiero a menos que los gobiernos den un paso adelante con regulaciones estrictas.. Comparando el crecimiento de las criptomonedas..

Rising inflation could trigger global sell-off that would harm UK, says Bank

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The Bank of England has warned that rising inflation could trigger a sell-off in global financial markets, with damaging consequences for the UK economy. Against a backdrop of soaring energy prices and severe shortage...

Two new wildfires in Greece trigger evacuation alerts for villages

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Fanned by strong winds, two large new wildfires have erupted in Greece, triggering evacuation alerts for villages south-east and north-west of Athens – only days after blazes consumed large tracts of forest north of t...

Trigger Point review – amnesia spy thriller that’s instantly forgettable

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The “intelligence community” proves to be a misnomer on both counts in this dud round of a thriller. With a head-scratching heap of betrayals and double-crossings, and none of the operatives smart enough to see them c...

Plans to build Papua New Guinea’s first casino trigger fears over social problems

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Plans to build Papua New Guinea’s first casino in Port Moresby have sparked criticism from transparency advocates and experts who say the country’s industry regulator has undermined its independence with the deal and ...

Climate crisis could trigger sewage surge in English rivers, Los parlamentarios dijeron

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There will be a rise in the scale of sewage discharge into rivers and waterways due to extreme weather events as a result of climate change, MPs have been told. Nature-based solutions must be a top priority for the go...

Bitcoin lowest since February as Musk tweets trigger whipsaw trading – business live

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Cobertura continua de las últimas noticias económicas y financieras

Lockdown ending could trigger anxiety for many, say UK charities

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Fears raised for people with mental health concerns over return to schools and workplacesThe lifting of lockdown restrictions and the subsequent return to schools, workplaces and social events could trigger heightened...