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Gandini Juggling: Life review – Merce Cunningham tribute is a little gem

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There have been many tributes to the great choreographer Merce Cunningham, whose centenary was celebrated in 2019. But I think this one might be my favourite. It sounds like a fringe concern, contemporary juggling mee...

Every good dog deserves a musical tribute

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One of the earliest signs of spring in my garden is a ring of snowdrops and winter acconites that encircles the trunk of a medlar tree outside the greenhouse. This yellow-and-white display was planted to complement a ...

London’s West End theatres to pay tribute to the genius of Stephen Sondheim

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The lights of theatres all over the West End of London will dim on Monday evening to honour the life of Stephen Sondheim, è stato annunciato. The tribute, reserved for the passing of only the most significant talen...

Back 4 Blood review – a zombie-shooter tribute act with brains of its own

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I’m not sure what I expected from Turtle Rock’s spiritual successor to zombie shooter Left 4 Dead, but I know that card-collecting wasn’t on the list. Valve’s 2008 cooperative classic was beautiful in its simplicity, ...

Violinist Nigel Kennedy cancels concert after Classic FM stops Hendrix tribute

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Violinist Nigel Kennedy has pulled out of a concert at the Royal Albert Hall with only days to go after accusing the radio station Classic FM of preventing him from performing a Jimi Hendrix tribute. Kennedy said the ...

Amazing Grace: artist’s tribute casts new light on Victorian rescue heroine

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A ferocious gale blew across the north-east coast of Britain on the night that made Grace Darling a star of popular history. She was to become a beacon of bravery for the Victorians when she set out in a small rowing ...

Liverpool team pay tribute to 97th Hillsborough victim who died this week

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The players and staff of Liverpool football club have observed 97 seconds of silence at their training base in Austria as a tribute to Andrew Devine, 55, who died this week due to the severe brain damage he sustained ...

The Sparks Brothers review – Edgar Wright’s giddy tribute to the Gilbert and George of pop

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Over a whopping two hours and 20 minuti, film-maker Edgar Wright consummates a gigantic act of fanboy love for the glam art-pop duo Sparks, who hailed from California but found fame in Britain on Top of the Pops in t...

De Bruyne inspires Belgium comeback win after Denmark’s Eriksen tribute

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They came, they sang until their voices were raw and, as a flag draped from one of the top tiers reminded everyone, they did it all for Christian Eriksen. Beyond any footballing relevance, this occasion will hold its ...

Celtic remove Palestinian flags from stadium before Scott Brown tribute

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Celtic have removed a display of Palestinian flags from their stadium after accusing some fans of exploiting a chance to pay tribute to Scott Brown. The club opened Celtic Park to allow fans to display messages for th...

‘He was like a comedian’: Andrew Brown’s aunt pays tribute after fatal shooting by police – video

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Glenda Brown Thomas has paid tribute to her nephew, Andrew Brown, a day after the 42-year-old was shot dead by police in North Carolina. “He had a good laugh, a nice smile. And he had good dimples ... He did not finis...

Steve Bell’s If … Prince Philip receives a musical tribute

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Un omaggio ai lavoratori chiave ea quelli persi a Covid

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Martedì, per celebrare l'anniversario del primo blocco del Covid-19, ci fermeremo tutti per un momento a riflettere su coloro che abbiamo perso a causa di questa terribile pandemia. Personalmente, Penso alle migliaia di persone che sono morte ...

Oh Woman! review – much-needed tribute to six extraordinary women

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Quest'anno, the week of International Women’s Day has coincided with an urgent renewal of rage against misogyny, violence and intimidation. We need this rage. We need space for women to share their stories of harassmen...

Chanel channels Stella Tenant’s chic androgyny in Paris tribute

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In a filmed catwalk show at Paris fashion week, Chanel has paid tribute to Stella Tennant, the British supermodel who was a muse and model of the house for several decades before her sudden death in December. A monoch...