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Indigenous tribes tried to block a car battery mine. But the courts stood in the way

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Growing up on the Duck Valley Reservation, Gary McKinney said he remembers hearing the stories of his ancestors’ brutal murders at Thacker Pass in northern Nevada. Tribal oral history depicts US soldiers killing dozen...

‘No fish means no food’: how Yurok women are fighting for their tribe’s nutritional health

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Keeping salmon in her children’s diet is “an entire job”, says Georgiana Gensaw, a Yurok Tribe member and mother of four in Klamath Glen, California, a community whose only easily accessible food store is a fried chic...

‘They don’t include Native voices’: tribes fight to ensure their votes count

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In a small unadorned conference room in the North Dakota state capitol, Collette Brown, a representative for the Spirit Lake Nation, stood up on 26 August to testify on behalf of the 7,559 members of her federally rec...

From minimalist to menocore! Il 21 biggest style tribes of 2021

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Once upon a time, fashion subcultures were simple: you could see skaters, ravers and goths all milling around your local branch of Woolworths of a Saturday afternoon. But now the style tribes have moved online, and ar...

Native American tribes enforce mask mandates regardless of state bans

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Native American tribes across the handful of US states with bans on school mask mandates have asserted their powers as sovereign nations to defy the orders, with many also implementing their own testing and vaccine di...

Healing words: Taiwan’s tribes fight to save their disappearing languages

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In a modest conference room near the edge of Taiwan’s Sun Moon Lake, Panu Kapamumu holds up an unwieldy A3 booklet. The home-printed document contains every known word of Thao, the language of his Indigenous tribe. Ka...

Tribes without clean water demand an end to decades of US government neglect

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The US government’s haphazard approach to providing Indigenous American tribes with clean drinking water and sanitation must be radically transformed to tackle decades of underfunding and neglect, according to a new r...