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Trend watch: How to wear oversized shirts

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An oversized shirt is the neutral power player of your wardrobe. Choose a striped fabric, or classic white or blue, and you will find that its versatility is limitless. Style it slightly dishevelled, à la Patti Smith,...

Slam dunk? Belgian biscuits set to be big Christmas foodie trend

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We’ve eaten the biscuits, spread them on toast and slurped them in a latte or espresso martini, but now Britain’s Christmas is getting the full Biscoff treatment as mince pies, desserts and gins inspired by the Belgia...

Think being trans is a ‘trend’? Consider these 18th century ‘female husbands’

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Whenever the subject of transgender identities comes up today, there is a tendency for conservative politicians – perhaps most of all in the United States – to trot out a particularly specious argument: that the idea ...

‘Blinded by police’: my search for fellow survivors of an alarming trend

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My mind raced in the seconds after I was shot. I heard the gun go off and turned my head toward the sound, just in time to watch the spinning aluminum canister slam into my brow. Everything went black. I stumbled. Whe...

New Zealand Covid update: 49 new cases recorded in ‘encouraging’ downward trend

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New Zealand has reported 49 new cases of Covid-19 in the community – continuing an overall downward trend in cases. That downward slope is an early but promising indication that the country’s strict lockdown measures ...

Incluso mientras Nueva Zelanda lucha contra Covid, la confianza en el gobierno se opone a la tendencia global

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En Nueva Zelanda bloqueada, la vida orbita alrededor de la sesión informativa de la 1:00 p. m.. Mientras la nación que regresa a casa digiere su almuerzo, el director general de salud, Ashley Bloomfield, frecuentemente junto a la primera ministra Jacinda Ardern, tak ...

The devil’s in the detail: hair horns become summer’s hot new trend

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This year has brought many unexpected hair trends. First came the shullet (a cross between the 90s shag and the harder 80s mullet), then the wolf cut (a long choppy style with wispy layers and a heavy fringe), but now...

The ‘pin top’: latest summer trend suggests it’s curtains for modesty

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This summer’s latest trend might – off the body – look as demure as the cardigan, but this is not for the shy and retiring. Described as either the “curtain reveal top” or the “pin top”, the item is worn with nothing ...

British lockdown trend for shed conversions leads to spike in fires

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As the first Covid lockdown hit, workers in Britain opted to turn their sheds into offices – “shoffices” – and bars, but the trend has led to a surge in outbuilding fires. Data from freedom of information requests by ...

‘It could feed the world’: amaranth, a health trend 8,000 years old that survived colonization

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Just over 10 hace años que, a small group of Indigenous Guatemalan farmers visited Beata Tsosie-Peña’s stucco home in northern New Mexico. In the arid heat, the visitors, mostly Maya Achì women from the forested Guatemala...

The latest terrible pandemic trend? Vaccine hypocrites

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The hottest summer accessories for people who don’t want to die a horrible death but are ashamed to admit it? A wig and dark glasses. It has been reported that some people in Missouri, which has one of the lowest vacc...

‘You’re not focusing on the eyes’ – are bleached brows the first post-mask trend?

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Como 19 July approaches and the period for mandatory mask-wearing draws to a close, a new trend is taking full advantage of the freedom to show your face in public. Bleached-blond eyebrows have been seen on the Instagra...

‘The Great Resignation’: June’s US jobs report hides unusual trend

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday that the US economy added 850,000 jobs last month. Hidden by this encouraging figure is the hint of an unusual trend: people are beginning to quit their jobs in extrao...

Trailerisation: the movie trend resurrecting old pop music

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I doubt my 10-year-old daughter will ever forget the first time she fell in love with Nirvana. It was a combination of things that pulled her in: the minor chord sway of an acoustic guitar, Kurt Cobain’s fragile vocal...

Divorces of the rich and famous: a 1% solution or the start of a trend?

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A cascade of recent high-profile divorces of the very rich and famous has presented new questions for the divorce industry – and offered a voyeuristic thrill-ride for millions of the less well-known. Some of the divor...

Cómo el hack de Colonial Pipeline es parte de una creciente tendencia de ransomware en los EE. UU.

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El público estadounidense en general tuvo una visión no deseada del mundo del ransomware del Salvaje Oeste esta semana., después de que un ataque cibernético paralizara Colonial Pipeline, causando escasez de combustible a lo largo de la costa este y las estadísticas.

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