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Idaho bill that criminalizes medical trans youth treatments passes house

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Idaho’s house of representatives has passed a bill that would criminalize gender-affirming medical procedures for transgender youth and make it a felony punishable by life imprisonment for anyone who helps a child tra...

Biden si impegna a ridurre il tasso di mortalità per cancro

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Biden si impegna a ridurre il tasso di mortalità per cancro. Biden si impegna a ridurre il tasso di mortalità per cancro.

US hospitals struggle as Omicron Covid surge delays other treatments

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The surge in cases of the Omicron variant has not only swamped US hospitals with record numbers of patients with Covid-19, it has also caused frightening moments and major challenges for people seeking treatment for o...

Sky News Australia deletes dozens of videos promoting unproven Covid treatments

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Sky News Australia has quietly deleted at least 31 videos that question the public health response to Covid-19 or promote unproven treatments as the broadcaster prepares for its chief executive, Paul Whittaker, to app...

Access to GPs’ patient data key to new treatments, i ricercatori dicono

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Researchers have said they could struggle to find new treatments for conditions dealt with by GPs, from long Covid to depression, if they cannot get access to the patient data held by GPs because of concerns over priv...

10 of Britain’s best hotels for spas and beauty treatments

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Missing winter already? This sumptuous spa on picturesque Barnby Moor has a snow-storm shower walk alongside 11 warmer steam and sauna options as well as massages, scrubs and a fully equipped beauty salon. The latest ...