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Disco 6.5 million people waiting for NHS hospital treatment in England

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The number of people in England waiting to start routine hospital treatment has risen to a new record high. A total of 6.5 million people were waiting to start treatment at the end of April, NHS England said. This is ...

Hundreds of mentally ill prisoners denied urgent treatment in England

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Hundreds of severely mentally ill prisoners in urgent need of hospital treatment are being left in prison cells due to bed shortages in secure NHS psychiatric units, an investigation has discovered. Freedom of informa...

Record number of young people wait for eating disorder treatment in England

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A record number of children and young people with a potentially life-threatening eating disorder are waiting for treatment in England, as psychiatrists warn soaring demand is overwhelming services. NHS data analysed b...

Covid: 4.6m people missed out on hospital treatment in England in 2020

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Più di 4.5 million people missed out on hospital treatment in England last year due to the disruption to the NHS caused by Covid, with growing numbers turning to crowdfunding to pay for cancer drugs and operations....