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Cavalli parlanti: shock winner makes waves but Arc misses travelling fans

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The sound of silence is never an entirely satisfying postscript to a big race, not least on a grand occasion like the 100th running of the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, and there can be little doubt that Torquator Tasso,...

The Guardian view on Covid confusion: travelling blind

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Throughout the pandemic, Boris Johnson and his ministers have repeatedly been guilty of chaotic messaging, fostering uncertainty where clarity was needed. This summer, true to form, there has been unnecessary confusio...

Dopo 16 years as a travelling fan, I know an England game is always political

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Take away the England football team and what kind of popular representations of England are we left with? The historian Eric Hobsbawm made an observation that is never more relevant than when applied to us, the Englis...

Australians travelling overseas should be forced to have Covid vaccine, doctors say

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A controversial national cabinet decision to fast track vaccines for Australians approved to travel overseas should be strengthened to make vaccination mandatory prior to departure, the Australian Medical Association ...

Dicci: are you travelling between the UK and India, Pakistan or Bangladesh?

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Following the UK government’s announcement that India will be added to the red list as of 4am on Friday, we are looking to speak to Britons of south Asian heritage who will be affected by the move, which comes two wee...

Quiet Easter expected on UK roads as Covid rules deter most from travelling

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Motoring organisation polls show most people likely to stay home over traditionally busy holiday weekendTwo years ago, Easter brought warnings of traffic chaos, closed rail stations and crowded destinations, with stay...