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Demand for private jets soars as rich travellers try to avoid ‘mosh pit’

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Private jet providers are experiencing “unprecedented demand” from wealthy customers seeking to avoid the “mosh pit” of commercial flights on autumn getaways as coronavirus travel restrictions ease. Flexjet and Privat...

Walls and Windows review – a moving, unsentimental Travellers’ tale

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A love story shines through a mass of societal problems in Rosaleen McDonagh’s new play, the first to be commissioned from a member of the Traveller community by the Abbey theatre. While the bond between the central c...

UK Covid live nuus: fully vaccinated travellers from US and EU arrive in UK without having to isolate

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Nuutste opdaterings: Grant Shapps welcomes move – but new rules not reciprocal on travellers from UK to US and EU

‘I am just heartbroken’: Balearic travellers’ fury with Covid U-turn

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Holidaymakers and Balearic Islands residents have criticised the government for its U-turn on the region after it was moved from the UK’s “green list” of quarantine-free destinations to “amber”. British residents of t...

Victoria Covid news update: three new cases after arrival of positive travellers from NSW

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Three new cases of Covid-19 have emerged in Victoria after a removalist from New South Wales, and two members of a family who returned from Sydney last week tested positive. The first case, reported early on Monday by...

Travellers grounded by Covid advice shambles

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My wife and I tried to fly to Malta last week from Heathrow, but were refused permission to board by Air Malta. Despite having written evidence of negative PCR tests within the last 72 hours and digital NHS app proof ...

Hancock plans to scrap quarantine for fully vaccinated amber-list travellers

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Ministers are planning to allow quarantine-free foreign travel for people in England who have been fully vaccinated, the health secretary has said. Matt Hancock confirmed that ministers were considering how to scrap t...

The Guardian view on socialism and cycling: fellow travellers

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Cycling’s radical traditions are part of Britain’s social history. Recalling her teenage years in the 1890s, the great suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst wrote beautifully about the band of carefree lefties with whom she ro...

Firms on UK Covid test provider list misleading travellers, Which? sê

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Travellers requiring Covid-19 tests have been misled by firms that appear on the government’s official list of test providers, according to a consumer group. Prices were quoted for tests that did not meet the requirem...

British travellers count cost of Portugal’s sudden removal from green list

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Travellers with trips booked to Portugal were scrambling to change their plans on Thursday, after the government said the country was being taken off the UK’s “green list” of destinations. Many people now face being l...

Travellers on UK border controls: ‘I’ve noticed a change of attitude’

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Detained, fingerprinted, treated with hostility and suspicion: are EU citizens right to be concerned about entry to the UK? Many have written to us to share their views and experiences of the border. “I recently ret...

UK travellers complain of ‘prison-like’ conditions in quarantine hotels

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Travellers staying in quarantine hotels in the UK after returning from “red list” countries have complained of “prison-like” conditions, including windows that do not open, a lack of fresh air, exercise and decent foo...

Australia’s ban on travellers returning from India due to Covid crisis may be unlawful

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The travel ban preventing Australians in India from returning home could be subject to legal challenges, with lawyers and academics believing the extraordinary measure may breach the law. Scott Morrison’s government h...

Travellers to get one-week notice of overseas rule easing as ministers play it safe

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Holidaymakers and airlines could get as little as one week’s notice of the rules to allow overseas travel from England this month, as government sources insisted they would err on the side of caution when easing restr...

Business travellers planning to cut future flights, poll finds

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Most business travellers in the UK will take fewer flights than they used to, according to a poll, thanks to increased use of video conferencing. Only a third expected to return to the same level of flying as before t...

Travellers warned of up to 10-week wait for British passports

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Processing British passport applications could take more than three times the usual waiting time as a result of an expected spike in demand, the Home Office has warned. The Passport Office is telling travellers to all...

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