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Top 10 teen travel destinations in Britain

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A contemporary take on the traditional country house, Another Place is the sister property to the Watergate Bay Hotel and has much the same fun, contemporary feel. The hotel comprises a Georgian house and modern exten...

Coronavirus live nuus: protests in Netherlands over new Covid pass; Northern Ireland to ease travel rules

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Further 3,273 infections added to South Korea’s tally; fully jabbed travellers in Northern Ireland will no longer need pre-departure test from 4 Oktober

Immersion tank study will explore impact of space travel on the female body

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It may sound like a prolonged spa break but when 20 women tuck themselves into a waterbed in the south of France for five days this week, it will be under the guise of a scientific study into the impact of space fligh...

Engeland se reisreëls oor Covid wek wêreldwyd woede

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Engeland se nuwe reisreëls vir Covid en weiering om entstowwe wat oor groot dele van die wêreld toegedien word, te erken, het woedendheid en verwarring in Latyns -Amerika veroorsaak, Afrika en Suid -Asië, met kritici wat dit veroordeel ...

Global markets fall sharply despite boost from US plan to relax Covid travel

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Global financial markets have fallen sharply amid concern over rising inflation and the threat of contagion in China’s property sector from the debt-stricken developer Evergrande, despite a boost from the relaxation o...

US to lift Covid travel ban for vaccinated passengers from UK and most of EU

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The US will lift Covid-19 travel restrictions to allow fully vaccinated passengers from the UK and EU to travel into the country from November, the Biden administration has announced.The move will mark the end of a tr...

Half-vakansie besprekings spring 200% nadat reisreëls in Engeland verander het

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Vakansiebesprekings vir halftermyn het verbygegaan 200% vergeleke met Augustus sedert die regering 'n verslapping van reisreëls in Engeland aangekondig het, het die reisfirma Thomas Cook gesê. Op Vrydag, die vervoersekretaris, Spel ...

What are the changes to Covid rules for international travel?

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An overhaul of England’s Covid-19 rules governing international travel has been announced by the Department for Transport, scrapping the traffic light system and signalling changes to requirements to undergo PCR testi...

Vertel ons: how will you be affected by the changes to UK travel rules?

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The “amber list” of overseas destinations is to be scrapped in an overhaul of UK travel rules, the Department for Transport announced on Friday. The traffic light system is to be replaced with destinations listed as e...

Amber list scrapped in shake-up of England’s Covid travel rules

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Rules for English travellers heading overseas have been significantly simplified, with the “amber” list of countries scrapped and the traffic light designation replaced with destinations listed as either “red” or OK f...

UK scientist warns over relaxation of Covid travel rules

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One of the scientists behind the UK’s testing network for quickly identifying Covid variants of concern has urged the government to continue surveillance of coronavirus cases brought in to the UK from abroad. Alan McN...

Nieu -Seeland brei die reisborrelonderbreking van Australië uit namate Covid -gevalle daal 11

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Nieu-Seeland sal die heropening van sy reisborrel oor die Tasman vertraag, namate die aantal gevalle in Australië styg en die getalle in Nieu -Seeland steeds daal. Onder -premier Grant Robertson het Vrydag bevestig dat ....

Ministers to cut ‘red list’ countries by up to half to simplify England’s travel rules

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Ministers are to slash the number of “red list” countries by up to half as part of plans to simplify England’s rules for international travel, with sources claiming it would incentivise vaccination. The traffic light ...

Time travel, doppelgangers and a lady in red – take the Thursday quiz

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The quiz master is away, but do not fret. Before he left, a cache of documents written in invisible ink were entrusted to a secret operative in the Guardian offices, containing 14 questions on topical trivia and gener...

Travel industry ‘likely to offer UK holidaymakers free Covid tests’

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A travel industry expert has predicted that many tour operators and travel companies will start to offer free Covid tests to holidaymakers. Paul Charles, chief executive of travel consultancy the PC Agency, made his c...

Australia to have vaccine passport system ready within weeks for international travel

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The Morrison government will have a system in place within weeks to support the resumption of international travel as vaccination rates rise, the trade minister, Dan Teh, sê. With senior federal ministers meeting ...

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