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'Nunca puedes superarlo por completo': [object Window]

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[object Window], [object Window]. [object Window], [object Window],[object Window]. [object Window] ...

"Pensé que estaba roto": cuando los bomberos forestales se dirigen a casa, el trauma se apodera

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Asad Rahman se despertó sintiendo como si alguien lo hubiera golpeado en la cara. Era el invierno después de una de sus primeras temporadas como bombero forestal y había luchado contra un incendio que se había cobrado la vida de otros seis bomberos ....

Trauma, dislocation, pollution: why Māori leaders want control of the South Island’s water

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On the eve of their tribe’s settlement with the crown, Gabrielle Huria and Te Maire Tau walked out on to the cracked, dry earth of Tūtaepatu lagoon’s bed. The lagoon’s edges, once thick with flax, had been choked by i...

"He sanado. No quiero ser el rudo '- Noomi Rapace sobre superar su trauma del Tatuaje del Dragón

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Noomi Rapace - la Lisbeth Salander original, AKA The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: está sentada en el bar del hotel con sus gafas de sol en la parte superior de la cabeza.. Desaparecen en algún momento de nuestra conversación., aunque lo hago ...

Pride, power and resilience: How activism helps undocumented immigrants cope with trauma

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Germán Cadenas was 15 when he packed up a few clothes, his beloved magic trick cards, a treasured coin box and a portfolio of his drawings. Fue 2002. Cadenas, his mother and younger brother were flying from their n...

Families separated at border under Trump suffering severe trauma – study

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Children and parents forcibly separated at the US-Mexican border under Donald Trump’s policy of “zero tolerance” are showing signs of severe psychological trauma and mental health disorders that have endured even afte...

Fab abs, trauma videos and a big pile of sweets: the art and artists of TikTok

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Art on TikTok is more Tony Hart than Marcel Duchamp. It’s not hard to imagine the late BBC children’s artist enjoying “Here’s how I paint with a mop” and “Where I find monsters for my goth art”. You won’t find the nex...

"Una injusticia masiva": 10 años después de los desalojos de Dale Farm, el dolor y el trauma permanecen

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El día que los residentes de Dale Farm, entonces uno de los sitios de viajeros no autorizados más grandes de Europa, debían ser desalojados hace una década, A los alumnos de la escuela primaria cercana se les entregaron piedras especiales que podían exprimir..

How tracking grizzly bears is helping veterans find way back from trauma

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On a recent crisp sunny morning, a small group of wildlife guides and British and Canadian military veterans, reached a ridge in the mountains of British Columbia and found themselves within 15 metres of a grizzly bea...

Snow Country by Sebastian Faulks review – the collective trauma of a continent

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Sebastian Faulks’s 2005 novela, Human Traces, made explicit his ongoing fascination with the mystery of human consciousness and the forces – historical, political and biological – that converge to shape an individual l...

Trauma, trust and triumph: psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk on how to recover from our deepest pain

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When Dr Bessel van der Kolk published The Body Keeps the Score in 2014, it was a huge hit with yoga people. That is not a euphemism for “rich, underoccupied people”, it is just people who do yoga. Certain physical act...

‘The trauma stays with me’: ex-pupils of London school tell of ‘toxic and abusive’ environment

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Más que 100 former students at a troubled London academy have published an open letter to its governors, Ofsted and the government alleging a catalogue of serious failings in pastoral care and safeguarding of pupils...

The Hand of God review – Paolo Sorrentino exposes his childhood trauma

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A 16, Paolo Sorrentino returned home to find that both his parents were dead, killed by a carbon monoxide leak. On the night of the tragedy, Sorrentino was inside a football stadium, watching Diego Maradona play for ...

Unacknowledged rape: the sexual assault survivors who hide their trauma – even from themselves

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The morning after it happened, I said a cheery: “Good morning,” to my university roommate, as if nothing was wrong. “How was last night?" ella preguntó. “So fun,” I lied. The truth was that the night before I had feared f...

‘It felt like political persecution’: Labour’s Apsana Begum on the trauma of her criminal trial

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When Apsana Begum found out she had been acquitted of housing fraud by a jury at Snaresbrook crown court, she fell to her knees and wept. “It was such an emotional moment,” says the 31-year-old Labour MP for Poplar an...

Candyman’s Yahya Abdul-Mateen II: ‘Black people are so much more than our trauma’

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Say his name: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. Maybe repeat it five times into a mirror? Whatever it takes: commit it to memory because Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is a name you’ll need to know. This summer he’s starring in the new C...

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