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Cryptocurrency ads reach record levels on London transport

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Cryptocurrency firms bombarded Londoners with a record number of adverts on public transport during 2021, fuelling calls for a ban to prevent people being lured into risky investments. The surge in adverts for crypto ...

Philippines accused of being ‘anti-poor’ with public transport ban on Covid unvaccinated

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The Philippine government has defended a controversial ban that prevents unvaccinated people from using public transport in the capital of Manila, denying that the policy is “anti-poor”. The “no vaccination, no ride” ...

Andy Byford: ‘We can’t let London’s transport fall into managed decline’

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His overriding preoccupation is the trains under London, but Andy Byford’s passion could have led him on a quite different journey. “I thought long and hard about going in the navy when I was younger,” says London’s t...

English cities to receive transport boost of almost £7bn in budget

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Almost £7bn will be allocated in next week’s budget to “level up” urban transport in cities around England, het die regering gesê. City regions will receive a total of about £5.7bn in sustainable transport cash, wat...

UK inflation dips to 3.1% despite rising fuel and transport costs – business live

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

Verbied Britse binnelandse vlugte en subsidieer treinreise, doen 'n beroep op vervoer liefdadigheid

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Binnelandse vlugte moet verbied word en langtarieftariewe word gesubsidieer, vervoerders het aangedring, beklemtoon die relatiewe omgewings- en finansiële koste van lug- en treinreise. Die veldtog vir beter ...

Transport noise linked to increased risk of dementia, studie bevind

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Exposure to noise from road traffic and railways is associated with an increased risk of dementia, volgens die grootste studie in sy soort. Research has consistently linked transport noise to health conditions incl...

London transport staff warned of razors inside Covid conspiracy posters

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Staff on London’s public transport network have been warned that blades are being concealed inside posters promoting conspiracy theories about Covid-19 and vaccinations. Transport for London (TfL) said there had been ...

Transport for the North boss calls for debate on raising cost of driving

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There needs to be an “honest conversation” about making driving more expensive in order to subsidise public transport, according to the new head of the north of England’s strategic transport body. Martin Tugwell, wie ...

Electric trains offer the best route to greener transport

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The experiment with electric lorries on the M180 (UK government backs scheme for motorway cables to power lorries, 27 Julie) is laughable when compared with the lack of interest shown by the government in furthering ra...

Green transport can only succeed with a greener grid

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The challenge of decarbonising the UK’s roads, railways and flight paths will rely on harnessing the UK’s cleaner energy system to power the future of the transport sector. Carbon emissions from the UK’s energy indust...

Passengers face patchwork of mask rules on public transport after 19 Julie

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Passengers on buses, trams and trains in England must deal with a patchwork of different rules on face coverings next week after several mayors said masks would still be required on public transport. The government is...

Shapps: mask-wearing expected to remain on public transport

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Grant Shapps, die vervoersekretaris, has said he always “expected, and indeed, wanted” some train, bus and rail companies to insist on mask-wearing on their services, despite the government removing legal requiremen...

Ban on polluting lorries pledged in Tories’ transport greenprint

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New diesel and petrol lorries will be banned in Britain by 2040, under a “greenprint” to decarbonise all types of transport by 2050. The British government’s long-awaited transport decarbonisation plan, finally publis...

‘Cyber-attack’ hits Iran’s transport ministry and railways

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Websites of Iran’s transport and urbanisation ministry went out of service on Saturday after a “cyber-disruption” in computer systems, the official IRNA news agency reported. Op Vrydag, Iran’s railways also appeared t...

‘People have an over-attachment to their cars’: Where is Auckland transport going?

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Auckland may have just won the title of world’s most liveable city thanks largely to New Zealand’s Covid-free status, but it’s not about to receive any traffic awards. Aucklanders drove an average of 1.6bn kilometres ...

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