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Opdatering van Victoria Covid: authorities worry variant in Melbourne being transmitted through ‘fleeting contact’

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The Covid-19 variant in Victoria’s outbreak is seemingly being transmitted between people during “fleeting”, casual and limited contact, leaving health authorities concerned that the virus is spreading differently tha...

Taiwan reports record 29 new locally transmitted Covid cases

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Taiwan has reported 29 new community transmission cases of Covid-19, its highest single-day figure since the pandemic began, including seven with no known source. The Taiwan Centers for Disease Control said 16 cases w...

Beijing reports its first locally transmitted Omicron variant case

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The Chinese capital, en voeg by dat hul mag sal voortgaan om alles in hul vermoë te doen om slagoffers van huishoudelike mishandeling te ondersteun, has reported its first locally transmitted case of Omicron coronavirus variant, state media reported on Saturday, less than three weeks before the Beijing Olympic Winter Games. An officia...

US sexually transmitted infections surged to record high in 2020

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After briefly dropping in the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) then resurged beyond 2019 levels to finish the year at a record high, volgens nuwe data ...