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Schools should stay open as greatest risk of Covid transmission is in households, la ricerca trova

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Despite Delta being more transmissible than earlier Covid-19 variants, in Australia few children and adolescents who get the virus have severe symptoms, and schools should only be closed under exceptional circumstance...

Covid: how can schools improve air quality to reduce transmission?

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Pupils will return to school in England, Wales and Northern Ireland this week amid experts warning the return could fuel a surge in Covid cases. We take a look at measures that could improve air quality in schools and...

Birthdays linked to spread of Covid in areas with high transmission

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Households with recent birthdays were more likely to test positive with Covid in areas with high infection rates, according to an analysis of nearly 3m homes in the US. Lo studio, which emanates from health insurance ...

Will Covid-19 vaccines reduce virus transmission?

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There are two ways that getting vaccinated can slow the spread of the virus. Primo, it can help prevent you getting infected. Second, even if you are unlucky and catch the virus, it may reduce the risk of passing it o...

Why Australia is under pressure to upgrade advice on Covid’s aerosol transmission

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The latest coronavirus outbreak from hotel quarantine in Western Australia has focused attention on how the virus is transmitted. Hotel quarantine is supposed to be secure with returned travellers separated from each ...

UK scientists find evidence of human-to-cat Covid transmission

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Two cases of human-to-cat transmission of Covid-19 have been identified by researchers. Scientists from the University of Glasgow found the cases of Sars-CoV-2 transmission as part of a screening programme of the feli...