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‘An eye mask transformed my life!": 10 readers on how to get a perfect night’s sleep

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I stop drinking caffeine at 2pm every day. If I feel work is worrying me I do some deep breathing and I pray. I rub lavender oil on my wrists and temples before I go to bed, and I use a sunrise alarm clock to help me ...

‘It’s like the Batcave’: Victorian ice factory in Grimsby to be transformed into a theatre

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Grimsby resident Graeme Bassett admits he used to be “dubious” about whether it was worth trying to save the town’s ice factory, a derelict Victorian building on the docks. But then he looked inside. “When you go in t...

Jaroslav Silhavy: ‘polite’ moderniser who has transformed Czech Republic

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Jaroslav Silhavy saw it at close quarters. At Euro 2004, he was on the Czech Republic bench as Karel Bruckner’s assistant. The Czechs, with a “golden generation” of players led by Pavel Nedved, Tomas Rosicky and Petr ...

How Guardiola transformed Manchester City back into Premier League champions – video explainer

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Manchester City are Premier League champions once again after a brilliant campaign from Pep Guardiola’s side, which saw the team move from as low as 13th place to a 21-match winning streak. A poor start and the absenc...

How Guardiola transformed misfiring Manchester City into champions elect

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Manchester City will claim a fifth Premier League title if they win at Crystal Palace on Saturday and Manchester United are defeated at home by Liverpool on Sunday. Behind this simple equation, aunque, is the tale of ...