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‘I’m in awe’: trans actor Yasmin Finney on joining Doctor Who

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Yasmin Finney is not at home. In plaas daarvan, the 18-year-old Mancunian is holed up in a drab-looking hotel room. Is she in London for Tardis-related reasons, miskien? 'Wel,” says Finney, stifling a smile and looking around...

Trans people ‘not an ideology’, MSPs weighing gender recognition reform told

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MSPs have been urged to keep foremost in their minds that trans people are “human beings wanting to go about their daily lives”, as a Holyrood committee begins taking evidence on a draft bill that aims to streamline t...

Two Doctors, and a trans actor playing Rose? How Russell T Davies is mixing things up in the Tardis all over again

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Naam: Rose Tyler. Ouderdom: 18. Voorkoms: Ja, about that … What do you mean? Everyone knows what Rose looks like. You’re going to say she looks like Billie Piper, aren’t you? Wel, ja. Because Piper played Rose on Doc...

The language of maternity is alive and well – so why not expand it to include trans parents?

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“Hey, Mama!” This is how I was greeted by a friendly member of staff every morning during my week-long stay in hospital after my baby’s birth. Theoretically, I had had my whole pregnancy to get used to the idea of bei...

America’s top-ranked trans official condemns attacks on LGBTQ+ youth

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The US government’s highest-ranking trans official has condemned political attacks on LGBTQ+ communities and accentuated the importance of gender-affirming care for trans youth. Speaking on Saturday in Fort Worth, Tex...

US justice department challenges Alabama trans children law

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The US justice department has joined an effort to strike down a new Alabama law that makes it a felony to provide transgender children with certain kinds of medical care. The ban is discriminatory, violating the equal...

Coalition MPs urge caution over ‘redundant’ bill to exclude trans women from female sport

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Several Coalition MPs have questioned Senator Claire Chandler’s controversial bill to restrict trans women playing in female sports, calling for caution as they believe it is “redundant” or needs more work. It comes a...

US professor wins $400,000 payout after refusing to call trans student a woman

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A public university in Ohio has agreed to pay $400,000 to one of its professors after it rebuked him for refusing to use a student’s preferred pronouns. In 2018, Nicholas Meriwether, a philosophy professor at Shawnee ...

Scott Morrison faces Liberal mutiny over Warringah candidate Katherine Deves’ trans views

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Scott Morrison is facing a mutiny over the Liberal party’s controversial candidate in Warringah, Katherine Deves, with intensifying calls for her to be dumped because of “hurtful and divisive” comments about transgend...

Campaign groups to save women’s cycling classic hit by trans rights row

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One of Britain’s most prestigious women’s cycling races is on the verge of being saved 24 hours after its longstanding sponsor pulled out in protest at British Cycling’s suspension of its transgender policy. The Women...

Onderwysersvakbond NEU waarsku teen klaskamerkultuuroorloë, Onderwysersvakbond NEU waarsku teen klaskamerkultuuroorloë

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Verlede Sondag was een van die grootste betogings buite Downingstraat in jare. Verlede Sondag was een van die grootste betogings buite Downingstraat in jare, Verlede Sondag was een van die grootste betogings buite Downingstraat in jare, Verlede Sondag was een van die grootste betogings buite Downingstraat in jare.

Independents accuse Morrison of using trans sport ban as a ‘dog-whistle to the ultraconservatives’

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Scott Morrison must not use trans people as “political pawns” or as a “dog-whistle to the ultraconservatives” during the election campaign, independent MPs and candidates running against moderate Liberals have said. T ...

Australiese politiek regstreekse opdaterings: Albanese spreek tariewe fout aan; Morrison steun transvroue se sportverbod; telefoonstem vir diegene in Covid-isolasie

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Die premier is in Gilmore in NSW, terwyl Arbeidersleier in Bass in Tasmanië is; telefoonstem beskikbaar vir mense in isolasie op verkiesingsdag; Albanese spreek sy tariewe aan struikel; Morrison loof 'dapper' koalisievroue p...

Johnson’s LGBT adviser ‘dismayed’ at failure to ban trans conversion practices

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The prime minister’s LGBT adviser has said he is “dismayed” by the decision not to include transgender people in a ban on conversion practices, while describing the cancellation of the government’s equality conference...

Trans people’s mental health is at crisis point in UK, kenners waarsku

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The mental health of the UK’s transgender community is at crisis point, with many people “hanging by a string”, professional bodies and support groups have told the Guardian. The stark warnings follow a week of intens...

Vandag is die troue van Brooklyn Beckha..

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Vandag is die troue van Brooklyn Beckha... Vandag is die troue van Brooklyn Beckha...

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