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Frank Turner on reconciling with his trans parent: ‘Miranda is a really nice person – my dad wasn’t’

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A north London pub, walls dripping vinyl. Fingers white on an acoustic guitar, spittle roared on to microphone. For folk-punk star Frank Turner, it’s a gig like hundreds he has played on his 17-year path from squat pa...

Trans women should not have to reduce testosterone, say new IOC guidelines

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Transgender women should no longer be required to reduce their testosterone levels to compete in the women’s sport category, new International Olympic Committee guidelines have suggested. The new IOC framework, watter ...

'Dit gaan nie net daaroor om trans te wees nie': roerende mondigwording-dokuserye Altyd Jane

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Jane Noury ​​se mondigwordingsreis is soortgelyk aan baie voorstedelike Amerikaanse tieners: geanker deur familie en vriende, maar ongeduldig om verder as 'n klein dorpie uit te brei, selfies en onsekerhede en selfvertroue, soveel begin ene...

Keyboard Fantasies review – glorious doc about pioneering trans composer

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Here’s a spirit-lifting documentary about black transgender electronic music pioneer Glenn Copeland. It begins with the story of how he was “discovered” a few years ago, bejaardes 72. At home in Canada, Copeland reads the ...

Media, fashion, Hollywood: trans representation has a longer way to go

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I think it started in 2017, of 2016, the year identity stuck to our ambitions. In a litany of newly profitable labels, I had a full deck: Latina, woman, poor, trans. I was part of the think-piece boom, and everyone ha...

Alex Gino’s children’s novel George retitled Melissa ‘to respect trans heroine’

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Alex Gino’s award-winning children’s novel about a trans girl, George, is being renamed Melissa, after Gino and publisher Scholastic said they made a mistake in titling it with a name “the main character does not like...

I’m a trans athlete. I’m tired of us being demonized by rightwing politicians

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Sports are a concept almost as old as civilization itself. From the Olympics of ancient Greece, to the games of lacrosse and pitz played by indigenous peoples of the Americas, humanity has engaged in sport. Throughout...

Chappelle is bereid om Netflix se trans-werknemers te ontmoet, maar sal nie 'buig aan eise'

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Die komediant Dave Chappelle het uitgespreek oor terugslag teen sy onlangse Netflix-spesiale, sê hy sal oop wees om transgender-werknemers van die stroommaatskappy te ontmoet, maar sal nie “buig vir iemand se dem nie..

Netflix fires employee trans activist for allegedly leaking internal documents

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Netflix has fired an employee organizer for allegedly leaking internal documents as the fallout over offensive comments in the new Dave Chappelle stand-up special continues. The streaming platform confirmed to the Gua...

Language evolves to reflect society – trans people are part of that society

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Perhaps this is only true of the middle-aged but the social hiatus caused by the pandemic, coupled with the acceleration of discord in a few key arenas, means that you can meet a friend with whom you’ve agreed all you...

‘GPs fob us off’: most trans people avoid the doctor when they’re sick

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When Ellen Mellor’s doctor said that her severe headaches were caused by the stress of being transgender, it did not sit right. “My life was at the calmest point it had been in a long time," sy het gese. A year and a hal...

'Ek is span Terf': Dave Chappelle onder skoot oor die pro-JK Rowling-houding

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Die nuutste spesiale aanbieding van Dave Chappelle staar 'n golf van intense terugslag in die gesig nadat die komediant weer grappies gemaak het oor die LGBTQ+ -gemeenskap en die skrywer JK Rowling verdedig het, wat voorheen al ...

Javid beskuldig Starmer daarvan dat hy 'wetenskaplike feit' ontken het in transregte

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Arbeid en die konserwatiewes het bots oor die kwessie van transregte, soos sir Keir Starmer gesê het dat dit verkeerd was om te sê 'slegs vroue het 'n serviks' en die sekretaris van gesondheid, Sajid Javid, het gesê dat dit 'n 'totale ontkenning van ....

Rosie Duffield calls for talks with Keir Starmer on Labour’s trans rights stance

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Rosie Duffield has called for Keir Starmer to meet her and other female Labour MPs to discuss the party’s policy on transgender issues, confirming she will not attend Labour’s annual conference over worries she could ...

Dink dat trans 'n 'tendens' is? Beskou hierdie 18de -eeuse ‘vroulike mans’

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Elke keer as die onderwerp van transgender -identiteit vandag ter sprake kom, daar is 'n neiging dat konserwatiewe politici - miskien veral in die Verenigde State - 'n besondere argument uit die weg ruim: dat die idee ...

My experience as a trans person doesn’t fit the script, but why should it?

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For the longest time, I was convinced I couldn’t be really transgender. I knew that living as a woman made me want to climb out of my own skin, but I also understood that my story bore little resemblance to how trans ...

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