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David Longdon, frontman van die prog-rockgroep Big Big Train, sterf bejaardes 56

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David Longdon, die voorsanger en multi-instrumentalis saam met die Britse prog-rockgroep Big Big Train, is oorlede op ouderdom 56. Longdon is dood in 'n Nottingham-hospitaal op 20 November ná 'n ongeluk, het die groep in 'n verklaring gesê..

Japanese train driver sues after wages docked 28p over one-minute delay

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A train driver in Japan is suing his employer after it docked ¥43 (28p) from his wages over a one-minute delay that he claims was not his fault. West Japan Railway Company (JR West) said it withheld the tiny sum by ap...

Several people ‘severely injured’ in knife attack on German train

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A knife attack on a high-speed train in the German state of Bavaria has left three people “severely injured”, with the alleged perpetrator quickly arrested. A spokesperson for the Bavarian Red Cross, wat het 110 res...

Salisbury train crash may have been caused by leaves on line

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Leaves on the line may have been behind a train crash at Salisbury that left 13 passengers needing hospital treatment and a driver with life-changing injuries, dit het na vore gekom. Inspectors from the Rail Accident Investi...

Does Salisbury train crash point to wider problems on the network?

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Rail accident inspectors have said it is too early to release indications of what caused the collision between two trains at Salisbury on Sunday evening. But by now CCTV and data logs from signals and trains are likel...

Salisbury train crash: ‘detailed and forensic’ investigation begins

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Rail investigators are urgently trying to establish the cause of a collision between two trains that led to at least 13 people needing hospital treatment. Firefighters and other emergency workers evacuated 100 mense ...

Why accounts of Philadelphia train passengers not intervening in a rape spread

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The news was horrifying, a parable of inhumanity so grim that it was destined to go viral. Two weeks ago, police said that passengers on Philadelphia’s elevated train watched a man rape a woman and did not intervene –...

Man dressed as Joker arrested after injuring 17 in Tokyo train attack

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A man dressed in Batman’s Joker costume has been arrested for attempted murder after a knife and fire attack on a train in Tokyo, according to Japanese media, met ten minste 17 people reportedly injured and one in a se...

Blou gedenkplaat vir Brittanje se eerste swart treindrywer by King's Cross onthul

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'n Blou gedenkplaat is onthul ter herdenking van Brittanje se eerste swart treindrywer by King's Cross-stasie in Londen. Wilston Samuel Jackson, wat in September gesterf het 2018 op die ouderdom van 91 en het "sy lewe gewy aan die ...

Strangers on a train, until she gave me her pink jumper

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As simple unexpected acts of kindness go, this one will take some beating. I was on a train from London to Plymouth last Friday afternoon, on my way to a reunion of some university friends, among them people I’d not c...

The Southeastern train arriving on platform 3 is £25m late

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The conventional way for a company to get stripped of a rail franchise is to over-bid massively and inflict such misery on the shareholders that it is cheaper to forfeit the supporting bond and force the government’s ...

At least three dead after Amtrak train derails in Montana – video

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Seven cars of an Amtrak train travelling through north-central Montana came off the rails in an accident on Saturday. The cause of the derailment is not yet clear, and the National Transportation Safety Board has said...

Stagecoach takeover could mark end of a profitable era for bus and train tycoons

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It is testament to their dwindling empires that the proposed merger of Stagecoach and National Express, the UK’s biggest rail and bus operators not so long ago, will not unduly trouble the competition authority. Stage...

At least three killed in Amtrak train derailment in Montana

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At least three people died and other passengers were injured after seven cars of an Amtrak train went off the rails in north-central Montana, an official at a local sheriff’s office said. People trapped on board soon ...

‘Dramatically more powerful’: world’s first battery-electric freight train unveiled

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The world’s first battery-electric freight train was unveiled at an event in Pittsburgh on Friday, amid a fresh attempt by some US lawmakers to slash carbon emissions from rail transport in order to address the climat...

Man arrested after at least 10 people stabbed on Tokyo train

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A man has stabbed at least 10 passengers on a commuter train in Tokyo, seriously injuring two people. The suspect left a knife behind as he fled and was arrested later on Friday in Tokyo, according to NHK public telev...

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