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Ten great UK sculpture trails

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Oor die verlede 27 jare, the stunning landscapes around Kielder Water – and the dense forest beside it – have become home to an extraordinary collection of visual art and architecture, featuring everything from wave ch...

Trail’s end: the days of roaming free are numbered for Nigeria’s herders

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The still of the vast Damau grazing reserve is broken by the gentle noises of Abubakar Umar’s cattle as he herds them a few kilometres from the clusters of brick huts that house his steadily growing community of pasto...

Outdoor films and Covid-safe candy trails: readers’ Halloween plans

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Beneath a canopy of trees in the grounds of an old convent would be an ideal place to host a spooky screening of the Blair Witch Project any Halloween, but it’s especially fitting this year. Being outdoors means that ...

Skaak: Fabiano Caruana trails at US championship and loses world No 2 spot

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After seven of the 11 rounds at the $194,000 (£141,522) US championship in St Louis, which finishes on Monday, Aleksandr Lenderman, Samuel Sevian and the defending champion Wesley So shared the lead on 4.5/7. This clo...

Themed trails around the UK – readers’ travel tips

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I love to walk and be surrounded by nature but my children not so much. One thing we all love is the Wind in the Willows so when we saw there was a trail at Hanningfield reservoir in Essex, I was keen to try and get t...

10 great British walking trails where you won’t see another soul

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In a densely populated country like Britain, finding somewhere to walk alone is never straightforward, but there are places that rarely see humans, and footpaths that have no footprints, often surprisingly close to to...

Secular pilgrims: why ancient trails still pack a spiritual punch

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The numbers are striking and puzzling in our secular, sceptical age when organised religion in the west is in steep decline. In the early 1980s, the annual tally of those walking the Camino, the thousand-year-old Chri...