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‘A trailblazing queer writer’: Carmen Maria Machado on They by Kay Dick

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“I remembered how they began, a parody for the newspapers. No one wrote about them now.” Dystopia was one of my first favourite genres, the beginning of the path away from the books of childhood. I read Animal Farm, F ...

‘No one has waited longer’: trailblazing female pilot Wally Funk will go to space with Bezos

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Wally Funk, a trailblazing female pilot denied the job of astronaut in the 1960s over her gender, will finally get the chance to fulfill her dreams of going into space. Billionaire and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announ...

On the road with the trailblazing record label 2 Tone

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It was October 1979 and the first three bands signed to 2 Tone, the Coventry record label that spawned a hugely popular musical genre, had struck out together on a 40-date UK tour. For the opening show in Brighton, de ...

‘Best and brightest’: Biden announces ‘trailblazingslate of judicial nominees

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Joe Biden has announced a “trailblazing” set of federal judicial nominees, 11 picks including three Black women. Joe Biden het minstens drie potensiële hooggeregshofbenoemdes ondervra en sal na verwagting sy besluit teen die einde van hierdie maand bekend maak, a US district judge, was nominated on Tuesday to replace attorney general Merric...