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Dinghy deaths tragedy brings home our hostility to the world’s desperate

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The sheer terror of crossing the busy, dark and freezing cold Channel between France and the UK in a flimsy, unseaworthy boat was best described by 12-year-old Mohammad, who made the journey with his mother and eight-...

When tragedy struck we had to face Tui’s ‘inhumaneprocess

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Lo scorso mese, police officers broke the news that my son’s girlfriend had taken her own life. The two of them were due to go on a Tui holiday in June. It had been booked with a credit voucher issued after their original...

My Monticello by Jocelyn Nicole Johnson review – an American tragedy

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Nel 2017, a white supremacist drove his car headlong into a peaceful group opposing a Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing a young woman, Heather Heyer, and injuring dozens of others. There was w...

Another Afghan tragedy: turned away at Kabul airport gate for the sake of £65

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My son-in-law has a charity that helps with the education of girls in Afghanistan, and we have spent the last 10 days working to get some of our workers who would be at extreme danger from the Taliban out of the count...

The Guardian view on Vladimir Putin’s crimes: Ukraine’s growing tragedy

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Vladimir Putin is not only piling body on body in Ukraine. He is also piling crime upon crime. His unprovoked and illegal invasion of a democratic state has already caused substantial civilian casualties, as well as t...

‘Shameful’: what the UK papers said about Channel tragedy

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The front pages of Thursday’s papers are dominated by the deaths of 27 migrants in the Channel with the coverage veering from sombre reporting to accusations that the French authorities did not do enough to prevent th...

A Mexican tragedy: country’s crippling Covid crisis comes into sharp focus

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It took just 83 days for Adriana Mejía to lose half her family, as Covid unleashed a Mexican tragedy whose full impact is only now becoming clear. First to depart was her father, Juan, a 90-year-old carpenter who died...

Tasmania jumping castle tragedy ‘simply incomprehensible’ as tributes flow for five children killed

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Tasmanian Premier, Peter Gutwein, says the Devonport tragedy “is beyond comprehension” as police begin piecing together the cause of Thursday’s tragic jumping castle accident that killed five children. Speaking to rep...

The Sun pays damages to Ben Stokes over family tragedy story

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The Sun has paid substantial damages to the England cricketer Ben Stokes and his mother, Deborah, after the newspaper put details of a tragedy involving the family on its front page. Deborah Stokes said they took lega...

‘It’s kind of a tragedy’: behind the battle for power at Uber

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In dark jacket, grey sweater and white undershirt, Travis Kalanick was relaxed in comfy chair, coffee mug before him, shooting the breeze with late-night TV host Stephen Colbert. Then came a cry from the studio audien...

Channel drownings: UK and France trade accusations after tragedy at sea

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British and French leaders have traded accusations after at least 27 people died trying to cross the Channel in the deadliest incident since the current migration crisis began. In a phone call with Boris Johnson on We...

Is Myanmar the new Syria? Rising violence threatens a repeat tragedy

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in agosto 2011, Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkey’s then foreign minister, made a “mercy dash” to Damascus. He appealed in person to Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, to stop killing his people and talk to his opponents after...

Aggiornamenti di notizie in diretta dall'Australia: I casi di Covid nel NSW raggiungono un nuovo record in mezzo all'epidemia di Omicron; Victoria registra sette morti; La Tasmania vieta i castelli di salto dalle scuole dopo la tragedia

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NSW 2,482 nuovi casi di Covid il peggior totale di qualsiasi stato o territorio australiano dall'inizio della pandemia; Record del Queensland 31 nuovi casi

Death in the Black Forest: how a historical tragedy became a play for today

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The day after the Brexit referendum the playwright Pamela Carter wrote to her German publishers, Suhrkamp, to apologise. “I felt the need to say sorry to a European for the terrible mistake," lei disse. Two weeks later...

Sandy Hook review: anatomy of an American tragedy – and the obscenity of social media

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Even in a country now completely inured to the horrors of mass shootings, the massacre at Sandy Hook remains lodged in the minds of everyone old enough to remember it. Ten years ago, 20-year-old Adam Lanza fired 154 r...

Shock and pity mix along UK coast where Channel tragedy played out

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A UK Border Force perimeter at Dover Marina prevented closer contact with the few dozen men and women waiting late on Thursday morning on a red doubledecker bus marked “private” – yet exhaustion was clearly etched on ...

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