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Recensione di Age of Rage: l'antica tragedia greca esplode nei nostri tempi

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Gli incendi vengono alimentati anche prima dell'inizio di Age of Rage. Le fiamme vengono alimentate nella parte posteriore del palco mentre uno schermo velato con un albero genealogico luminoso fa lampeggiare i nomi di antichi dei e reali. Zeus. Agamennone...

‘A senseless tragedy’: woman dies after bid to climb US border wall

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A Mexican woman attempting to climb the US border wall in eastern Arizona died after her leg became trapped in a climbing harness and she was left hanging upside down, le autorità hanno detto. Border patrol officials and the...

Grenfell Athletic: the football club uniting a community hit by tragedy

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Hundreds of Sunday League clubs are in action up and down the country every week, but one of them stands out. Grenfell Athletic play in the premier division of the Middlesex County Sunday League and are only watched b...

Sandy Hook review: anatomy of an American tragedy – and the obscenity of social media

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Even in a country now completely inured to the horrors of mass shootings, the massacre at Sandy Hook remains lodged in the minds of everyone old enough to remember it. Ten years ago, 20-year-old Adam Lanza fired 154 r...

‘It’s kind of a tragedy’: behind the battle for power at Uber

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In dark jacket, grey sweater and white undershirt, Travis Kalanick was relaxed in comfy chair, coffee mug before him, shooting the breeze with late-night TV host Stephen Colbert. Then came a cry from the studio audien...

The Guardian view on Vladimir Putin’s crimes: Ukraine’s growing tragedy

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Vladimir Putin is not only piling body on body in Ukraine. He is also piling crime upon crime. His unprovoked and illegal invasion of a democratic state has already caused substantial civilian casualties, as well as t...

‘Mind-blowing tragedy’: deaths of Indian family at US-Canada border put visa sales under scrutiny

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The signs are painted on every wall and hang from every lamp-post of this small Gujarat village. “Easy Canada visa, student and immigration,” states one. “Study in Canada, free application, spouse can apply,” claims a...

Hamlet review – an indie prince of infinite jest but little tragedy

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George Fouracres, best known as a comic, recently appeared on the Globe’s stage as Twelfth Night’s Andrew Aguecheek in a piece of exquisite casting. He returns as the avenging prince Hamlet, again under Sean Holmes’s ...

African football’s indecisive leaders must accept the blame for Olembe tragedy

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Even in his first press conference after Monday’s disaster at the Stade Olembé in which eight fans died, Patrice Motsepe, the president of the Confederation of African Football, was looking to shift the blame. He conv...

‘Why did people have to die?': Cameroon mourns after stadium tragedy

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Di 150 yards from the turnstiles at the Olembe Stadium stands a plain white-painted metal fence. There are Vs at the top of the posts for the addition of barbed wire, but none has been added. There are three gates ...

TV stasera: Maxine Peake è difficile da guardare nel dramma della tragedia di Hillsborough

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"Ho bisogno di sapere perché mio figlio è morto durante una partita di calcio". Questo dramma in quattro parti racconta la storia di Anne Williams (Maxine Peake) e la sua campagna di 23 anni per la verità sul 97 vittime della tragedia di Hillsborough. È...

La perdita delle gite scolastiche nel Regno Unito è stata una tragedia della Brexit

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Il crollo delle gite scolastiche nel Regno Unito descritto nel tuo articolo non mi sorprende affatto ("Quasi invendibile": crollo delle gite scolastiche nel Regno Unito imputato alla Brexit, 26 dicembre). Sono un insegnante di inglese in una scuola secondaria tedesca ...

Tasmania’s jumping castle tragedy claims sixth life after boy, 11, dies in hospital

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An 11-year-old boy has become the sixth fatality of Devonport’s Hillcrest Primary School tragedy. Tasmania police commissioner Darren Hine says Chace Harrison, invecchiato 11, died in hospital on Sunday morning. His death f...

‘A terrible, unimaginable tragedy’: Morrison visits site of jumping castle disaster – video

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The Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, has committed thousands of dollars in support for the Tasmanian city of Devonport where five school children were killed in a jumping castle accident. 'I want to extend o...

Aggiornamenti di notizie in diretta dall'Australia: I casi di Covid nel NSW raggiungono un nuovo record in mezzo all'epidemia di Omicron; Victoria registra sette morti; La Tasmania vieta i castelli di salto dalle scuole dopo la tragedia

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NSW 2,482 nuovi casi di Covid il peggior totale di qualsiasi stato o territorio australiano dall'inizio della pandemia; Record del Queensland 31 nuovi casi

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