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Alec Baldwin: Taking back control … until tragedy struck

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Alec Baldwin was the tough screen face of blue-collar America in the 1990s. And it suited him. His best early roles were gritty ones in brutal films such as Miami Blues, or the screen adaptation of David Mamet’s Gleng...

Grenfell: Value Engineering review – gruelling, unfinished tragedy

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Grenfell Tower housed many of the “have-nots” in a borough of great and conspicuous wealth, as we know from news analysis. The Tabernacle theatre, less than a mile away from the site of the fire in June 2017, sits squ...

Las leyes de seguridad de los productos del Reino Unido no evitarán otra tragedia de Grenfell, informe advierte

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El régimen de seguridad de los productos del Reino Unido no está a la altura de prevenir una tragedia como el incendio de la Torre Grenfell a medida que las compras se mueven en línea y los reguladores asumen nuevas responsabilidades tras el Brexit., Los parlamentarios han advertido. A thi ...

‘We’re concentrating on the villains’: the shocking play about the Grenfell tragedy

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Although Richard Norton-Taylor’s ninth play makes its debut later this month, the former Guardian security editor doesn’t consider himself a playwright. “I would say I’m a journalist, De Verdad,” Norton-Taylor says. “Pla...

Muerte en la Selva Negra: cómo una tragedia histórica se convirtió en una obra de teatro para hoy

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El día después del referéndum del Brexit, la dramaturga Pamela Carter escribió a sus editores alemanes, Suhrkamp, para disculparse. “I felt the need to say sorry to a European for the terrible mistake," ella dijo. Two weeks later...

The Sun pays damages to Ben Stokes over family tragedy story

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The Sun has paid substantial damages to the England cricketer Ben Stokes and his mother, Débora, after the newspaper put details of a tragedy involving the family on its front page. Deborah Stokes said they took lega...

Another Afghan tragedy: turned away at Kabul airport gate for the sake of £65

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My son-in-law has a charity that helps with the education of girls in Afghanistan, and we have spent the last 10 days working to get some of our workers who would be at extreme danger from the Taliban out of the count...

‘The world needs to stand with us’: UK Afghans watch on as tragedy unfolds

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Not eating, not sleeping, and checking WhatsApp and social media feeds every second has become the reality for many Afghans in the UK. They are frantic with worry but say all they can do is stand by and witness the un...

The Guardian view on the Taliban’s advance: not an American debacle but Afghans’ tragedy

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“There’s going to be no circumstance where you’ll see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy of the United States from Afghanistan,” Joe Biden declared earlier this year, referencing the fall of Saigon at the ...

Ethel Rosenberg by Anne Sebba review – a notorious cold war tragedy

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The case of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, the young Jewish American couple executed in June 1953 at the height of the cold war for allegedly passing atomic secrets to the Russians, has weighed heavily on the US politica...

Tragedia del hogar de cuidado de Covid: nosotros, su desconsolada familia, Necesito saber la verdad completa

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Me sentí aliviado de ver, en letras (30 Mayo), las verdades que emergen gradualmente sobre la tragedia del hogar de ancianos. El inefable incumplimiento del deber de cuidado tanto del NHS como del Departamento de Salud y Atención Social a menudo ha sido descrito..

China bans extreme sports in wake of Gansu ultramarathon tragedy

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China has indefinitely suspended extreme sports, including ultramarathons, trail running and wingsuit flying, in response to the deaths of 21 long-distance runners in Gansu last month. En 22 Mayo, extreme weather hit Y...

An ultramarathon ends in tragedy: runners describe horror of Gansu race

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At the starting line of the Gansu ultramarathon, it was cold but the sun was shining. One competitor struggled to warm up, even after jogging a quick 2km, and noticed some of the elite competitors were wearing shorts ...

How missing CCTV footage turned a Chinese family’s tragedy into a national conspiracy

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On Mother’s Day last Sunday, 17-year-old Lin Weiqi wished his mother – referred to only as Madame Lu in Chinese media – a good day. “Mum, enjoy your day,” he said to her that morning. He was Lu’s only child. Like most...

Daunte Wright and George Floyd: another chapter in America’s recurring tragedy

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It was shortly after midday on Thursday at the New Salem Missionary Baptist church in Minneapolis. In front of a towering stone facade, Katie Wright stood at the pulpit, almost dwarfed by the plexiglass lectern and ma...

Is Myanmar the new Syria? Rising violence threatens a repeat tragedy

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En agosto 2011, Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkey’s then foreign minister, made a “mercy dash” to Damascus. He appealed in person to Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, to stop killing his people and talk to his opponents after...

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