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French police break up camp where Channel tragedy victims stayed

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Armed French police have broken up a makeshift migrant camp outside Dunkirk where the 27 people who died at sea last week stayed before they drowned in the Channel. The basic site, by a canal outside the Grand-Smythe ...

The tragedy in the Channel – cartoon

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Chris Riddell on the drowning of refugees trying to reach Britain• You can order your own copy of this cartoon

Kurdish woman is first victim of Channel tragedy to be named

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A Kurdish woman from northern Iraq has become the first victim of this week’s mass drowning in the Channel to be named. Maryam Nuri Mohamed Amin was messaging her fiance, who lives in the UK, when the group’s dinghy s...

''n Tragedie': huldeblyke aan Ava White nadat Liverpool Kersliggies doodgemaak het

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Die nuus van die 12-jarige Ava White se dood het Vrydagoggend stadig oor Liverpool versprei. Kersfees inkopies, onbewus van haar moord, het in die middestad gekom om begroet te word deur polisiekordons wat 'n groot deel van Chu afsluit..

A tragedy in the Channel

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Ten minste 27 people died when their boat sank in the Channel attempting to reach the UK. Diane Taylor reports on a tragedy that was long in the making – and avoidable How to l...

Channel tragedy: ‘Smugglers tell their clients it’s just a lake – but it’s not’

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When the lifeboat reached the dinghy not long after 3pm on Wednesday it was a crumpled mass of grey rubber, barely inflated and scarcely afloat. And surrounded, in the cold, dark water of the Channel, by already lifel...

Shock and pity mix along UK coast where Channel tragedy played out

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A UK Border Force perimeter at Dover Marina prevented closer contact with the few dozen men and women waiting late on Thursday morning on a red doubledecker bus marked “private” – yet exhaustion was clearly etched on ...

Kanaalverdrinkings: VK en Frankryk handel beskuldigings na tragedie op see

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Britse en Franse leiers het ten minste beskuldigings verhandel 27 mense het gesterf toe hulle die Kanaal probeer oorsteek het in die dodelikste voorval sedert die huidige migrasiekrisis begin het. In 'n telefoonoproep met Boris Johnson op We ...

'Skandelik': wat die Britse koerante gesê het oor Channel tragedie

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Die voorblaaie van Donderdag se koerante word oorheers deur die dood van 27 migrante in die Kanaal met die dekking wat afwyk van somber beriggewing na beskuldigings dat die Franse owerhede nie genoeg gedoen het om dit te voorkom nie..

Die tragedie van rubberbootsterftes bring ons vyandigheid teenoor die wêreld se desperate tuis

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Die blote verskrikking om die besiges oor te steek, donker en ysig koue Kanaal tussen Frankryk en die Verenigde Koninkryk in 'n flou, onseewaardige boot is die beste beskryf deur die 12-jarige Mohammad, wat die reis saam met sy ma en agt-...

Tragedie op see eis tientalle lewens in die dodelikste dag van die Kanaalkrisis

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Tientalle mense, insluitend 'n jong meisie, is dood toe hulle probeer het om die Kanaal na die Verenigde Koninkryk oor te steek in 'n opblaasbootjie, sê amptenare, in wat die dodelikste voorval is sedert die huidige krisis begin het. Twee oorlewendes is in...

Lubaina Himid: ‘The beginning of my life was a terrible tragedy’

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Lubaina Himid has waited a long time for a show at Tate Modern. She is now 67, en in 2017 she had the bittersweet honour of being the first Black woman, and the oldest-ever artist (by 63), to win the Turner prize. Bi...

How the Travis Scott Astroworld festival tragedy unfolded – video report

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Eight people aged from 14 aan 27 were killed and dozens were injured at the Astroworld festival in Houston on Friday night, when fans were crushed against the stage. Organisers of what turned out to be one of the deadl...

Alec Baldwin: Taking back control … until tragedy struck

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Alec Baldwin was the tough screen face of blue-collar America in the 1990s. And it suited him. His best early roles were gritty ones in brutal films such as Miami Blues, or the screen adaptation of David Mamet’s Gleng...

Grenfell: Value Engineering review – gruelling, unfinished tragedy

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Grenfell Tower housed many of the “have-nots” in a borough of great and conspicuous wealth, as we know from news analysis. The Tabernacle theatre, less than a mile away from the site of the fire in June 2017, sits squ...

UK product safety laws won’t prevent another Grenfell tragedy, verslag waarsku

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The UK’s product safety regime is not up to the job of preventing a tragedy such as the Grenfell Tower fire as shopping moves online and regulators take on new responsibilities following Brexit, MPs have warned. A thi...

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