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Beetaloo Basin’s traditional owners condemn government for fracking handouts to gas companies

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Traditional owners opposed to fracking in the Beetaloo Basin have condemned the Morrison government for handing tens of millions of dollars to gas companies while Indigenous communities lack basic housing and health i...

Wimbledon ditches traditional gender distinction over players’ towels

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Wimbledon will no longer provide different coloured towels to men and women players after officials decided to scrap one of the last bastions of genderism. Traditionally men were given two “championship” green and pur...

Juukan Gorge traditional owners demand a say on Rio Tinto iron ore mine

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The traditional owners of the Juukan Gorge rock shelters have demanded they be given a seat at the table in future planning of Rio Tinto’s $1.5bn iron ore mine in an effort to prevent the further destruction of cultur...

Mining exploration surges in Cape York as scheme to return land to traditional owners stalls

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Cape York Indigenous groups have warned that a successful Queensland government program to return land to traditional owners is on the verge of stalling, potentially leaving large and significant swathes of the penins...

Traditional owners devastated by alleged damage to 1,500-year-old stone arrangement in Victoria

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Traditional owners say they are “devastated and traumatised” by the alleged damage to a 1,500-year-old heritage-listed stone arrangement which curved up the hill in the shape of an eel and was a significant ceremonial...

It is high time Bathurst council respected traditional ownerswishes and found another site for a go-kart track

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Given the global outrage and corporate shame stemming from the destruction of precious Indigenous heritage at Juukan Gorge, you’d think any organisation poised to damage sacred Aboriginal property might be experiencin...