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Gove threatens trading ban on cladding firms unless they pay for repairs

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Michael Gove has threatened a UK trading ban on manufacturers of combustible cladding and insulation unless they pay to fix dangerous housing. Opening a new front in the government’s attempt to force the construction ...

THG shares data on claims of ‘irregular trading of its shares’

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British online retail company THG has handed information to regulators over what its billionaire founder, Moldeado Matthew, has described as a coordinated attack on its share price. MEDIANTE, formerly known as the Hut Grou...

Evergrande shares rise as they resume trading after suspension

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Shares in the embattled Chinese property developer Evergrande rose on Tuesday after they resumed trading on the Hong Kong stock exchange following a suspension. China’s second-biggest developer halted trading on Monda...

Revisión del simulador de comercio de órganos del señor de la guerra espacial: sátira macabra de la codicia humana

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Ha sido un año extraordinario para los ghouls babeantes que dirigen algunos de los editores más importantes de la industria de los juegos., que han encontrado nuevas formas de extraer valor de los jugadores a través de NFT y criptomonedas mientras producen poco ....

JD Wetherspoon warns Covid-19 restrictions will hit trading – business live

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Cobertura continua de las últimas noticias económicas y financieras

La interrupción de las operaciones para el desarrollador chino Kaisa aviva nuevos nervios en el sector inmobiliario

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La negociación de acciones del asediado desarrollador chino Kaisa Group Holdings ha sido suspendida en la bolsa de valores de Hong Kong., despertando nuevos nervios sobre la estabilidad financiera del enorme sector inmobiliario del país ....

Polluters face price pain as global carbon trading system moves forward

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The world’s biggest polluters have amassed trillions of pounds in profits over recent decades amid the steepest rises in carbon emissions and global temperatures on record. Yet despite this surge, and the well-underst...

Blue Market Bermondsey – how to revive your local trading hub for £2m

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“Jesus didn’t go to Tesco,” says Russell Dryden, fishmonger and manager of the Blue Bermondsey business improvement district. “He went to the marketplace.” Markets, en otras palabras, aren’t just places for buying and se...

Four-year trading standards inquiry brings justice for Flight Delay Claims Team victims

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I’ve been exposing the tactics of the claims management firm, Flight Delay Claims Team (FDCT) ya que 2017, after it hounded scores of airline passengers over alleged debts. The website promised to check whether claiman...

Thinktank calls for carbon trading desk for small farmers and climate-focused livestock research

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The Australian government should establish a fixed-price carbon trading desk for small farmers, and fund practical advice and research for livestock producers if agriculture is going to thrive in a net zero future, a ...

NFT trader OpenSea bans insider trading after employee rakes in profit

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A non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace has introduced policies to ban insider trading, after an executive at the company was discovered to be buying artworks shortly before they were promoted on the site’s front page....

‘I put my life savings in crypto’: how a generation of amateurs got hooked on high-risk trading

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Noor is whispering so her boyfriend won’t hear her. The 30-something designer from London is down about £14,000 as a result of her decision to get into investing, in addition to another £8,000 profit she made on bitco...

Aer Lingus passengers stranded as operator Stobart Air ceases trading

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Travellers have been left stranded in cities in the UK and Ireland and nearly 500 jobs are at risk after a regional Irish airline announced it was going into liquidation. Aer Lingus said a number of regional flights h...

Bitcoin lowest since February as Musk tweets trigger whipsaw trading – business live

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Cobertura continua de las últimas noticias económicas y financieras

Trading up: one woman’s quest to swap a hairpin for a house

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While many of us were still finding novelty in group Zoom calls last May, Demi Skipper decided she was going to get a house. But not using money. En lugar de, she was going to trade items. Now the owner of one of only a f...

Asic accuses Westpac of insider trading over $12bn Ausgrid privatisation deal

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The corporate regulator has taken legal action accusing Westpac of insider trading over a $12bn interest rate swap linked to the part-privatisation in 2016 of New South Wales’s electricity distribution network, Ausgri...

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