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Snow Country by Sebastian Faulks review – a follow-up to Human Traces

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In his weighty 2005 novel, Human Traces, Sebastian Faulks tells the story of two late 19th-century doctors, Jacques Rebière and Thomas Midwinter. Pioneers in psychiatric medicine, they come together to open a sanatori...

French minister’s phone shows traces linked to NSO spyware

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The mobile phone of a serving French minister showed digital traces of activity associated with NSO Group’s spyware, according to forensic analysis undertaken by the Pegasus project investigation. François de Rugy, wh ...

Iran’s failure to explain uranium traces is ‘big problem’, says IAEA chief

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Iran’s failure to provide credible explanations for traces of uranium found at two undeclared sites is “a big problem” that is affecting the country’s credibility, the head of the UN’s nuclear inspectorate, has said. ...

Tiny traces of DNA found in cave dust may unlock secret life of Neanderthals

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Scientists have pinpointed major changes in Europe’s Neanderthal populations – from traces of blood and excrement they left behind in a Spanish cave 100,000 anni fa. The discovery is the first important demonstratio...