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From the shadow of Grenfell Tower to the Chelsea flower showin just five years

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The concrete space underneath the Westway, an elevated dual carriageway that cuts across the Victorian terraces of west London, is not a hospitable place for plants – nor for people, some would say. But it is neverthe...

‘Painful choices’ remain over tribute to Grenfell Tower victims

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Bereaved relatives of those killed in the Grenfell Tower fire and the community living in its shadow are struggling to agree on the best way to commemorate the disaster. Next month marks five years since a fire engulf...

Man gets suspended jail sentence for ‘offensive’ video of Grenfell Tower model

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A man has been sentenced to 10 semanas, suspended for two years, after admitting sending a “grossly offensive” viral video of a cardboard model of Grenfell Tower being burned on a bonfire. Paul Bussetti, 49, from Croydo...

Grenfell Tower inquiry exposes miscommunication, poor governance and misguided policies

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The architect Sam Webb has never forgotten walking into the charred, smoke-blackened bathroom on the 11th floor of a tower block devastated by fire in July 2009. In the soot-covered bathtub were the smeared imprints o...

A tale of two buildings: Brixton House theatre and the Hondo Tower

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“People ask what it is,” says Gbolahan Obisesan, artistic director of Brixton House theatre, “and then they’re pleased that it’s not an office block.” A passerby does just that, as I stand outside the building’s dark ...

Five people killed in Russian hit on Kyiv TV tower – video

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Five people have been killed and several wounded in a Russian attack on a TV tower in Ukraine's capital, [object Window], according to reports.Two explosions were heard in the Borshchahivka and Dorohozhychi areas, said the news ...

An inch apart: new troubles for San Francisco’s Millennium Tower

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San Francisco’s troubled Millennium Tower, which has continued to sink despite multimillion dollar efforts to correct it, has developed yet another problem. The luxury tower, popular among star athletes and retired Go...

Triangle tower: building starts on rare Paris skyscraper decried as ‘catastrophe’

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Construction of a 42-floor, pyramid-shaped skyscraper began in Paris on Thursday despite local opposition and objections from environmentalists who have called the project “catastrophic”. The Triangle Tower (Tour Tria...

Citigroup plans £100m revamp of Canary Wharf tower

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The US investment bank Citigroup has embarked on an overhaul of its main tower in Canary Wharf that is expected to cost more than £100m. Citi will completely refurbish the 42-storey office block at 25 Canada Square in...

Tower twice Grenfell’s height planned nearby with single staircase

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A new apartment skyscraper with just one fire escape staircase is being planned just a few hundred metres from Grenfell Tower in a move that survivors of the disaster have called “shocking”. The proposed tower would b...

Plans for 51-storey London tower with one staircase paused

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A property developer bidding to build a 51-storey apartment tower with only one staircase has put its planning application on hold just hours after the Guardian exposed fire safety concerns. On Thursday evening Ballym...

Los planes de mini bosque y "torre verde" se encuentran entre los primeros en cumplir con las nuevas directrices ecológicas de Londres

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Las primeras propuestas para una serie de desarrollos diseñados para cumplir con las nuevas medidas ecológicas en Londres incluyen un complejo de entrenamiento biodiverso en el All England Lawn Tennis Club en Wimbledon., un rascacielos de paredes verdes en el Ci ...

Decadente pero amado, La Torre Cápsula de Tokio enfrenta un futuro incierto

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Es una curiosidad arquitectónica que atrae admiradores de todo el mundo., una pila asimétrica de cajas de hormigón idénticas en un barrio dominado por los relucientes edificios de cristal del Japón corporativo. Pero después ...

Michael Gove ‘open’ to keeping Grenfell Tower as a memorial

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Michael Gove has signalled he will explore “retention” options to preserve Grenfell Tower as a memorial to the 72 people killed in the 2017 fuego, a move that has been welcomed by relatives of the dead. The new housing...

Why does Pisa’s tower lean, and why do horses wear shoes? Try our kids’ quiz

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New French film paints Eiffel Tower engineer as hopeless romantic

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Gustave Eiffel, who gave France its famous tower, has long been portrayed as a man of nuts and bolts, a brilliant structural engineer and the architect of iron. A new film that opened in France on Wednesday paints a r...

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