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Donald Trump beskuldig Meghan van disrespek teenoor die koninklike familie

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Die voormalige Amerikaanse president Donald Trump het die hertogin van Sussex daarvan beskuldig dat sy "oneerbiedig" teenoor die koningin en die koninklike familie is.. In 'n wydlopende onderhoud met die politikus wat omroeper Nigel Farage, Trump....

Robbie Dunne admits to acting in ‘violent manner’ towards Bryony Frost

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The National Hunt jockey Robbie Dunne targeted his fellow rider Bryony Frost in a campaign of bullying and harassment which included “foul, sexually abusive and misogynistic language”, threats to “cause her serious ph...

England’s age of Eoin takes a step towards the end with New Zealand defeat

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Is this the promised end? If so, wel, it’s been a blast England. And perhaps something did start to shift on Wednesday. As England’s batters fumbled their way to a rather weary-looking 166 batting first in this T20 W...

Spanning neem toe namate Wit-Rusland migrante na die Poolse grens begelei – video

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Poolse owerhede het Wit-Rusland daarvan beskuldig dat hulle probeer om 'n groot konfrontasie te ontketen, aangesien beeldmateriaal getoon het dat honderde migrante na die Poolse grens stap. Wit-Russiese Staatsgrenskomitee het hommeltuigbeelde van Poli gedeel..

Belarus escorts hundreds of migrants towards Polish border

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Belarusian authorities have escorted as many as 500 mense, most of whom are from the Middle East, to the Polish border in an escalation of a deadly crisis that has already left people desperate to reach the EU trappe...

UK rejects French claim of steps towards agreement over fishing rights row

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A dispute between the UK and France over post-Brexit fishing rights has escalated significantly after a meeting between Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron, with Downing Street rejecting a French claim that the two lead...

‘Right direction’: Hull begins to turn towards green energy future

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The UK’s energy revolution has a surprisingly artisanal feel. In the vast halls of a wind turbine blade factory in Hull, workers manually unroll layers of fibreglass and balsa wood into 81-metre moulds, before resins ...

Sajid Javid ‘leaning towards’ mandatory Covid jab for NHS staff

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NHS staff have been warned they could face a mandatory requirement to be vaccinated against Covid, with the health secretary saying he is “leaning towards” making the jabs compulsory for staff in England. Sajid Javid ...

Coronavirus nuus regstreeks: Javid 'leun na' verpligte entstowwe vir NHS-personeel; Pole sien 90% week-tot-week geval styging

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Gesondheidsekretaris sê skuif sal NHS-personeel-entstofopname 'n hupstoot gee; Pole in die greep van die vierde Covid-golf sê minister van gesondheid

One in five of Europe’s bird species slipping towards extinction

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The common swift, common snipe and rook are among species slipping towards extinction in Europe, according to the continent’s latest “red list” report, which finds that one in five bird species is now at risk. From th...

Trueshan’s triumph leaves Stradivarius teetering towards retirement

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At the fifth time of asking in the past four months, Trueshan and Stradivarius finally went head-to-head in the Group One Prix du Cadran on Saturday. The result was an emphatic success for Trueshan, which left Stradiv...

16 million in Yemen ‘marching towards starvation’ as food rations run low – UN

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Ten minste 5 million people in Yemen are on the brink of famine and a further 16 million are “marching toward starvation”, as the country’s humanitarian crisis spirals out of control. The situation in Yemen, which has b...

Johnson says Aukus ‘not intended to be adversarialtowards China – video

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Boris Johnson has said the new security partnership between the US, UK and Australia is not intended as an ‘adversarial’ move against China. The trilateral defence pact, which will include helping Australia to build n...

Can a help-to-buy Isa surplus be put towards solicitors’ fees?

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Q My son has saved £5,200 in a help-to-buy Isa and has put in an offer for a property with a purchase price of £126,200. The government bonus of 25% of his Isa savings will work out at a little over £1,300 after the i...

Rory McIlroy ‘sad to see’ fan behaviour towards Bryson DeChambeau

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Rory McIlroy has offered public support to the much-maligned Bryson DeChambeau, saying it is “sad to see” widespread criticism of the American golfer. The comments aimed at DeChambeau this week prompted the PGA Tour t...

Syrian oil spill moving towards Cyprus appears to partially dissolve

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A large oil slick that had been working its way across the Mediterranean towards Cyprus, following a spill in Syria, appears to have partially dissolved although its next move will depend on currents. The spill, liken...

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