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Australia Covid news live: NSW reintroduces QR code check-ins; Victoria considers tougher rules as Omicron cases continue to rise

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NSW resists mask rules; Victoria considers indoor mandate. Volg al die nuus van die dag regstreeks

UK energy watchdog promises tougher stress tests for suppliers

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The energy regulator has promised to enact tougher stress tests for energy suppliers to prove they have the financial strength to weather a surge in energy market prices – with consequences for suppliers which fail. O....

States introduce tougher border rules as Scott Morrison urges them to ‘not get spooked’ by Omicron

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The New South Wales government has introduced new testing measures and increased fines for returned international travellers who breach new Omicron isolation rules, hours after Scott Morrison urged premiers to “not ge...

Covid nuus regstreeks: new variant sparks tougher restrictions in India and Singapore ahead of WHO meeting

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India on high alert for travellers returning from regions hit by variant; WHO health experts meet to assess severity of highly mutated variant

Scotland’s new faces given chance against Tonga before tougher Tests

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First hurdles are there to be cleared in confident fashion, and that is precisely what Scotland should do against Tonga on Saturday afternoon before confronting tougher challenges against Australia, South Africa and J...

Global activists gather at Rome G20 to demand tougher action on China

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Legislators from around the world have gathered on the fringes of the G20 summit in Rome to protest against the presence of the Chinese foreign minister, Wang Yi, and urge leaders not to let China off the hook over hu...

European parliament approves tougher rules on offshore wealth

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Members of the European parliament have voted for tighter rules on the super-rich who move their wealth offshore, in a resounding vote that reflects widespread anger and exasperation in the wake of the Pandora papers ...

UK watchdog calls for much tougher vetting of Covid PCR test firms

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The consumer watchdog has called for much tougher government vetting of private companies selling Covid-19 tests to travellers, following revelations about poor service from “rogue” operators that it said had resulted...

Unions urge Commons Speaker to take tougher line on unmasked MPs

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The Commons Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, is facing calls to urge MPs to wear masks in the chamber, after cabinet ministers and many Tory backbenchers shunned the advice during a packed eight-hour debate on Afghanistan....

‘Protect these animals’: calls grow for tougher Australian pet food standards after 21 dog deaths

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Pash and Pebbles went off their food on the last Sunday in June. The retired greyhounds had been on a fresh meat diet since their racing days – Pash, whose black coat has turned silver in his old age, prefers his meat...

Live nuus -opdatering van Covid Australia: NSW considers tougher lockdown as Victoria cases rise

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NSW outbreak exceeds 1,000 coronavirus cases while there are now more than 165 exposure sites in Victoria

Sir Martin Sorrell ‘optimistic’ for Covid rebound but predicts tougher 2023

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The former WPP chief Martin Sorrell has said he is “extremely optimistic” about the economic recovery and the prospects for the ad market this year and next as the Covid pandemic subsides and stimulus programmes take ...

Zuckerberg faces Capitol attack grilling as Biden signals tougher line on big tech

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The head of Facebook, and his Google and Twitter counterparts, could face a rough ride at the scene of the insurrectionists’ crimeMark Zuckerberg, the head of Facebook, could be in for a rough ride on Thursday when he...

France warned tougher Covid measures may be needed in some areas

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President Emmanuel Macron has warned tough new measures may be needed to contain a new wave of coronavirus in areas of France where infections and deaths continue to rise. The French leader said on Monday “new decisio...

As dog thefts soar, owners and charities call for tougher penalties

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Meer as 80,000 dog owners say they are more fearful of taking their pet for a walk in daytime, according to a survey launched after a spate of dog theft reports. Die opname, by the police and crime commissioner for ...