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Jorginho’s golden touch makes him invaluable presence in Chelsea revival

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Even Jorginho finds the idea that he could win the Ballon d’Or this year hard to accept. He did not take it as an insult when he heard Antonio Cassano, the former Italy striker, say that any journalist who votes for t...

Lions told they are welcome to ‘play touch rugby’ as Springboks defend style

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Die Britse & Irish Lions have been told they are welcome to “play touch rugby” in the third Test against South Africa on Saturday, with the Springboks hitting back at claims they have adopted time-wasting tactics...

The Return of Ulysses review – tenderness and thuggery plus a touch of the Pythons

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“Monteverdi’s Flying Circus” was the affectionate nickname given to an ENO production of The Coronation of Poppea, but with its specially adapted tent and suitably trimmed score, this new Longborough festival opera ve...

'Raak en gaan': besering het Ash Barty se Wimbledon-droom bedreig

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Ash Barty, op 'n hoogtepunt nadat sy haar eerste Wimbledon-eindstryd gehaal het, het onthul hoe naby sy was aan die misloop van haar droom by die All England Club weens 'n besering. En Australië se eerste finalis vir vroue sedert haar mans..

Richard Donner, master of macho blockbusters with a human touch

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Richard Donner was the classic studio director and an action blockbuster maestro, the Michael Curtiz of the VHS age; he was the great inventor, or reinventor, of so many Hollywood genres and styles. When Hollywood inv...

BBC plays it cool as Gary Lineker gets in touch with his inner Des Lynam

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“Still working from home then? Thanks for joining us for England versus Germany. Cue the montage.” Gary Lineker is no Des Lynam, but he’s still the best football anchor the British public have got. There is no cocked ...

Thomas Tuchel: inside the mind of an obsessive with the winning touch

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Christian Heidel laughs as he remembers a story that sums up Thomas Tuchel’s obsessive attention to detail. “We were in a training camp in Austria and had a match against Olympiakos,” Mainz’s sporting director says. “...

Aakash Odedra: Rising review – superhero speed with a light touch

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Ten years ago Aakash Odedra was the next big thing. Mentored by Akram Khan, in 2011 Odedra got himself noticed internationally by commissioning three big-name choreographers to make solos for his show Rising. A decade...

‘He lit the blue touch paper’: Max Mosley’s legacy as a campaigner for a more ethical press

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Tony Hall, the man with the Midas touch, finally laid low by Bashir row

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Dapper and affable, and with sound editorial judgment, Tony Hall was known as the man with the Midas touch among his BBC news colleagues. Starting his BBC career as a trainee in the Belfast newsroom in 1973, the son o...

The ‘John Lewis nightmareshows just how out of touch Boris Johnson is

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Some stories touch the nation at a level above politics, somewhere nearer the self; Boris Johnson’s renovations to his Downing Street flat is one. Had it just been a pile of numbers, it’s possible that even his most a...

Rashford’s finishing touch helps Manchester United sink Granada

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It was one touch but it was glorious one. Half an hour into this match, Marcus Rashford watched the ball fall through the night sky, travelling sixty, seventy yards to where he was running. He caught it on his toe, ta...

Jessie Buckley on Covid filming: ‘The world’s greatest love scene – and we couldn’t touch!’

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From Chernobyl to Beast, the Irish star has become the go-to for challenging roles. Now she’s joining Josh O’Connor in Romeo & Juliet – shot in an empty National Theatreby Tom Lamont Sat...

Flight-free holidays and ethical clothing: two retailers giving customers the personal touch during the pandemic

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Messaging platforms are proving a big hit among companies keen to take customer service levels to new heights. Find out how two of them have transformed life for a sustainable travel firm and a champion of ethical clo...