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The hard truth for Labour: it’s the Tories who will decide Boris Johnson’s fate

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It is natural that people who campaign for a political party and identify with its history treat its traditions with a certain reverence. It is also a pattern in British politics that effective party leaders – the one...

Johnson’s Tories are no longer the party of business

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It has been billed in the press as the “death knell for Conservatism”. Culminating in Tuesday’s manifesto-busting national insurance rise, Boris Johnson’s Tories have used the past six months to announce £36bn a year ...

The Tories are in revolt about social care – and Boris Johnson’s ‘clear plan’ won’t work

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The spectacle of the Tory party in a frothing fury is a stirring sight. Cabinet members brief freely – Jacob Rees-Mogg’s head high above the parapet – while every WhatsApp groupuscule of Conservative MPs rampages agai...

Pigs might fly: the Tories’ social care plan – cartoon

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Brexi, levelling up, ‘global Britain’… what could possibly go wrong with the latest offering?

Tories rebuke Boris Johnson over ‘catastrophic’ Afghanistan failure

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Boris Johnson has faced anger from MPs about the UK’s failure to prepare for the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, as he made the case that Britain could not have stayed in the country “without American might”. The pri...

Tories ‘squandering Olympic legacy’ as school PE declines

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Successive Tory-led governments have been accused of squandering the sporting legacy left by the 2012 Olympics in London, amid evidence that falling amounts of school time are being used for PE, and a third of childre...

If Tories want to help the hungry, here’s what they should do

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While Marcus Rashford’s rallying cry around the need to raise awareness and take-up of Healthy Start vouchers is incredibly helpful, the remainder of your article suggests that increased awareness alone might not be s...

The Guardian view on poverty and the Tories: hunger hits home

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Steve Baker, Conservative MP for Wycombe and a well-known Brexiter, said he was not surprised by new research showing that his constituency has the highest levels of food insecurity of anywhere in the country. Rondom ...

Sugar-tax goes sour: why does the word ‘nanny’ terrify Tories?

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Are we living in a “nanny state”? Many apoplectic rightwingers think so: the Spectator laments the metamorphosis of “nanny Boris”, while the Daily Mail reported “fury” at “nanny-state meddling” after Henry Dimbleby’s ...

The limits of the Tories‘war on wokeare becoming ever more apparent

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On the basis that it is kind to feel the pain of others, one might reasonably ask: what can it be like right now to be a proper one-nation Tory? Those of us outside the blue tent cannot know, but there are clues as to...

Wednesday briefing: Tories urged to rethink stance on taking a knee

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Hallo, I’m Warren Murray and here’s where we are with everything. Steve Baker, the former minister and hard Brexit campaigner, has called for Conservatives to urgently change their attitudes towards people taking the...

This England team aren’t playing for the Tories’ version of the country

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When the men of England last won a significant international football tournament (you may know that this was 55 jare terug), the official mascot was called World Cup Willie, a cartoon lion sporting a union jack footbal...

Priti Patel rattles the handcuffs – but the Tories have lost control of law and order

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Justice is grinding to a halt. The handcuff-rattling home secretary, Priti Patel, likes announcing draconian new sentences – but without adequate police, prisons and, above all, law courts to hear cases, her bombast i...

The Tories’ abandonment of responsibility to protect us from Covid is unmasked

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And so, just like that, this Tory government abnegates itself from responsibility for what occurs once coronavirus restrictions are lifted on 19 Julie (PM to confirm 19 July end to Covid rules despite scientists’ warni...

Tories’ ‘toothless’ UK policies failing to halt drastic loss of wildlife

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The government’s underfunded green ambitions and “toothless” policies are failing to halt catastrophic loss of wildlife, a committee of MPs has said in a new report that finds the biodiversity crisis is still not bein...

Picking fights has served Johnson’s Tories well – but it’s a strategy that may backfire

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Until last week’s Chesham and Amersham byelection, politics seemed incredibly easy for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives. However disastrously they governed, the political outcomes – in opinion polls, elections, and contr...

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